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Minds Algorithm Goes Corrupt #MindsGaming #Op #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingJan 10, 2019, 11:15:02 PM

Minds has a lot of complaints about the algorithms used on its network and refuses to address the issue, So we are here yet again to bring another well known issue to content creators to the public view what a wonderful time on Minds :)

Now to bring the issue into prospective Minds has always had issues with its “trending” or what they call top algorithm here on Minds. So below are screen shots from help & support with usernames blocked out not including admins as we feel this is an official public statement by Minds  (in hopes we can boost) be it from comments or posts. Now we found a lot and I am saying a lot of content on this but how many screen shots can you take before you just say okay they get the point right?

First lets go over the issues with the top whatever area, and of course the main issue is reminds (“ or the very scary bots ahhh run!) of course we have bitched and bitched about remind theft before but now well…. Its a little crazy original content can gain less tokens then the reminder, so the advertiser in some cases is making more from your content and did nothing but remind.

Not that I have issues against reminders, I think I am one of the most active ones but this is my community content I am advertising not my own! And when my own because I do make plenty of content I expect to gain from it not have it stolen, if I wanted to sell it I would lock it with that feature isn’t that the purpose of the feature?

So the Minds algorithm is just plain corrupt and can easily be gamed and manipulated because you don’t even have to produce content, you can just steal the content.  Of Course after you they steal the content they can then make sure it gets the maximum amount of traction now they own it and gain from this content, also because it can be a good content and not a general spam post or link it also helps them bring real users to the channel with the fake channels or bots.  

On that note please support original uploads, content creators, and those who bring you this content because without your direct support they are getting cheated, the game is rigged and we know well… enjoy the images :)


I hope Minds will actually evaluate and open this for an actual discussion or debate as they seem to have left the issue and are denying any boost on why reminds or the limit system affects its algorithm, so it seems no forward progress or reply by the Minds team other than to "debate" the subject has come to pass. I know MCOSI plans to look into the issue in the future and I hope we can find a solution to the issue. Please feel free to shout yourself out if you see your post :)

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