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Minds New Layout (Dead-Space) -Updated

#MindsGamingApr 11, 2020, 7:45:02 PM

The new Minds layout that is currently under Canary is something I quickly went from excited about to, what happened.

When I first loaded the new layout I was on a mobile browser and it actually looks decent with no dead-space and little issue other than sizing and not being able to access conversations inside groups.

Anyways this was our excited moment, but we kept seeing complaints and the standard response from users of "this is horrible" so we had to load it up on our desktop and wow what a mess and I agree this looks, feels and acts horrible for users.

The new layout amplified dead space, increased font size and made look like its stuck inside a boxes and bad divs, the whole layout makes me think of back when I was first learning css and how horrible I was at padding and spacing.

Other than the dead-space, bad borders and mass enlarged text we have images that just look weird, videos that do not play and general inexperience with the UI around the board with users.

The good news is Minds didn't stream this down without user input from Canary, so I see a lot of changes and updates coming before it comes fully to the network.

Some changes id recommend would be:

1.) Remove left field as default open, make collapsible

2.) Remove strong borders make the page flow together

3.) Make conversation default open, but collapsible.

4.) Re-size font

5.) Make use of dead-space, the layout should expand the page leaving no dead-space.

This would be close to mobile layout before rotating your phone.

I look forward to seeing the updates and improvements with this layout, and mostly glad Minds can stop hyping this "upcoming UI" as the saving grace for the network as it hasn't come close and has a long ways to go.


Minds released the new layout on May 20th 2020. If you have issues complaints or more about the new layout please create a new post in the Minds Help & Support group.

Updated Issues:

Seems that hashtags are no longer projecting, you can no longer edit your channel, images are being sized wrong in groups, you can not use all formatting in blogs as the formating options appear outside the blog box. Now we wait for more issues and "fixes" from this new layout :/