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How To Lock Posts As A Base User #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingOct 28, 2020, 7:54:31 PM

Here We GO! Today we will be going over how to lock posts as a base user on Minds.

The system recently changed with the arrival of Minds+ feeds but you can still lock posts as a base user ;)

Unfortunately you will currently need to have a set up a wallet (Try  Metamask) or bank set-up to lock posts but Minds plans on removing some restrictions to this model so base accounts can still lock posts for P2P support.


Locking Posts

Locking posts is not the same as monetization on Minds as it is not submitted to the Minds+ pool and you do not gain off the contribution to said pool, it still does allow you to create memberships and tiers for your supporter base.

Step 1.) Go to your channel shop Click the “Memberships” tab above your feed.

Step 2.) Set-up at least one membership for your content.

Step 3.) Start creating a post.

Step 4.) Before submitting you post click the $ icon.

Step 5.) Click the hidden “memberships” tab above

Step 6.) Post your locked content for users to unlock :)





I wanted to create this blog to point out the features Minds is including in base accounts, although some bugs do exist that prevent base users from submitting content like the “set-up a bank” bug when trying to set-up memberships tiers. To subscribe to users membership go to the users /shop page. 

As always we will continue to report on hot issues by users and statements made by admins on new features and software in the scope of Minds. All information we provide is always first

1.) Promoted by Minds

2.) A issue/epic listed on Gitlab

3.) A statement post or comment provided by the Minds staff in support.

4.) Personally brought to us by our channel viewers as a question or concern.

We always recommend you check information provided by community members and users, and look for the newest information as they develop with new features, we try to keep the users that watch our channnel as informed as possible! Thanks as always for supporting our channel and make sure to subscribe to one of our memberships!



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