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Here Comes 2020 #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingDec 28, 2019, 3:19:48 AM

A new year is coming and we have high hopes for our little community that we have built here.

Over the last year we have had a lot of projects and ideas, some have come full circle and some have flopped. Overall we have has a pretty good year and we are looking forward to continuing to voice our un-filtered thoughts and opinions on the network, that we hope you have come to know and love.

As we said we really didn’t do much this year in the concept of our little community other than have a few contests in topic spaces and argue with the admins and mods on Minds about lacking concepts, pro costs, and other issues we would like to see improved or completely revamped. That’s not to say we didn’t do anything at all in 2019.

2019 Accomplishments

Other than the MCOSI projects that we are actively involved in we did get around to a few things.

- Created a install script for Minds

- Created users docs for Minds

- Expanded user docs into a full Minds Handbook for users

- Open sourced our community website

We truly do want to keep evolving our community and empowering our subscribers with user relatable information on Minds and will continue to do so to the best of our abilities, but that wasn’t the final goal of our little community on here.

2020 Goals

We have already started making our steps into our 2020 goals

- A cooperative gaming community.

From the start of joining Minds our goal has been to be a cooperative community that users can help build, we did this by having users recommend groups for topics spaces that were listed on our community website, this year will be the first year our community website is not only open sourced but cooperative to a major extent!

We have used Glitch to fully open source and make our site fully cooperative so others can not only recommend groups for topic spaces but add them themselves or even add a whole new topic space!

- 10 Coders

We are hoping to get at least ten cooperative coders for our website that can help constantly keep it maintained and and looking good but encourage anyone to request access to or remix our project for personal use. This is actually a pretty big goal as I only know a handful myself and have yet to have one join.

- Contest and activities

Supporting users inside our groups is lacking, coming this next year we have set a goal to have a contest or activity in every major group this includes: GamerTube, Music, Photography & Art, 420Time, Writing Corner, Outdoors, MindTube & MemeWars. If you have a group we run thats not on this list but you would like to see a contest or activity in please let us know and tag us in a post!

- Move Minds away form paid to play

This would have to be defined as an almost unaccomplishable goal, but in our view Minds needs a monetized system for the base user that doesn’t cost money to make money. Making sound recommendations on other profitable formats that makes Minds money from a percent of profits that the user has obtained and pushing the “paid to play sucks” narrative that any gamer knows is not going to be a dying trend in 2020.

- Rebuilding Relationships

Some of the users that have spent a long time supporting our little community may feel a little unloved, and mostly this is our fault as we rarely reach out to users and build relationships with them anymore, we just sit and build relationships with users that interact with us or reach out to us in one way or another. This year we are going to be more focused on reaching out to others, promoting our website, topic spaces, groups and hopefully build some relationships by us reaching out the other way.


This year has been tons of fun and relaxing for me, the top back attitude was a much needed to recharge, so 2020 I’m ready and its going to be great! Thank you all for taking the time to read this and we hope to catch you in our next blog, whatever that’s going to be about…