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Gaming reminds and likes (Ready Set go!) #MindsGaming #Op #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingMay 8, 2019, 7:57:37 PM

Tired of being outdone by bots? We are going to show you how to game a post likes and reminds on Minds.

That's correct we are just going to show you how because it's getting old that Minds doesn't do anything about it, and "stands" behind its reward system.

This is a proof of concept, Minds has rules against gaming of the system, proceed with merit, we will say this again in this blog, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND ACTUALLY DOING THIS!

What you need.

To start gaming reminds and posts you will need a few things. Now this of course wont keep up with mass bot networks that contain many channels [let's say a 10 channel minimum] but will give you a base idea of how to (or try to) keep up if that's your thing.

First we will need a base channel for orginal posts.

Next we will need to create some extra channels, lets say 3 for now that are linked in with rewards. You can use a service like myfreetext app that gives out and recycles numbers for free to get verified for rewards on the account.

Finally we will need a a group, now this isn't really necessary but will help with keeping up, we will cover how below.

Game On!

Alright now we are all set, are you ready? First step is to mak an original post in the group you built and remind it to your channel.

Next pick load up your first extra account and load up your main channel that has your post. Now you can like the post and remind, then click the time and date and like again.

Load the next extra channel, and go to the last channel loaded, now like and remind, then go to your main account and like and remind again (2 account both rewarded +4 as well as likes) now click the time and date and like again. You can now reopen the first extra account (incognito mode is great fro changing accounts) and remind the second extra account as well as like it again. You do this whole process again for the 3rd account making sure to remind the other three accounts as well as liking the posts and then back to the other two accounts to remind and like the third. Also note you can like your own posts faking more interactions.

How many likes is it?

Each account is liking:

1. Own post

2. Extra account

3. Extra account

4. Orginal account

5. Group post

With three accounts that's 15 likes, of course you only recieved credit for three.

How many reminds is that.

Each account is reminding.

1. Original post

2. Extra account

3. Extra account

That's nine reminds in total for three accounts, of course you are only credited with three and must transfer the extra accounts tokens to your main account for the reminds.

Remember that Minds has no rules on multiple channels and actually encourages them but does have rules regarding gaming the system, however does not define what gaming the system is. We do not recommend actually doing this and this was made for general knowledge of the users on how and why the current token system is easily gamed with just a few steps and is a proof of concept for the Minds development team.

As always thank you for reading and we hope we have covered the issue with bots and gaming the system to a point of understanding, please keep asking for more content and what you would like to see us cover and investigate on the network we really do appreciate it as it keeps our content up and our channel motivated drop us a DM, also feel free to comment on the topic at hand.