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Overview Miracle Tele

QDalanxApr 12, 2019, 3:32:25 AM

What is Miracle Tele?

Miracle Tele is a Blockchain technology based platform for telecommunications services. Miracle Tele came to offer the best solutions for telecommunications in the future. This platform that will integrate advanced telco features along with fintech devices, Miracle Tele will set new standards in the cellular telecommunications industry to become more competitive and innovative. Whereas Blockchain functions as a cellular and airtime data market and connects hundreds of thousands of customers with dozens of local cellular operators that provide cheaper and high-quality services.

Based on the foregoing, through Miracle Tele it allows a large increase in transaction scalability and throughput and results in almost no transaction costs, transaction approval times and energy consumption compared to the standard Bitcoin or blockchain Ethereum blockchain.

Miracle Tele Vision

Miracle Tele is the first and foremost platform in the field of telecommunications that will offer better privacy, lack of bureaucracy, reduced tariffs, and value-added services and freedom of access to financial tools and utilities through all blockchain in one place.

Business Model

Miracle Tele is ready to show the world how the fully functional future of telecommunications is available for use in 163 countries, supported by the market MVP design available. To enter the telokomunkasi market, Miracle has created a business model that is very beneficial to users. Business model with the MVNO system, this is a wireless telecommunications platform both on a local, international or global scale. Miracle Tele with the MVNO model, enables the deployment of a variety of decentralized value-added services and tools that will bring the necessary innovation, security and competitiveness to the mobile market operators, becoming a role model for the future of the telecommunications industry.

Community Token

The Miracle Tele business model system offers a loyalty program that will look attractive, easy to use, and convenient for customers. The program is supported by the Miracle Tele token with the TELE symbol, this is the ERC20 utility token issued through the Ethereum blockchain supported by our project and serves as the foundation of the Miracle Tele, allowing customers to do their asset tokens and receive biweekly prize holders. TELE tokens are being released in the ICO program, anyone can contribute to the program.

Miracle Tele Official Channel

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