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Plasma Balancing Systems LLC is conceived and brought into fruition based on some of the most advanced developments in plasma technology and, as our name implies, using plasma to bring balance back to the human body. The system we have developed creates a plasma field that initiates a return of the physical condition to a state of “ease”. If dis-ease is simply an imbalance in the normal function of the physical body because of environment, emotions, stress, for example, then if those conditions can be reversed, the body has the ability to repair itself. Plasma has the ability to take what is required to be removed and give what is necessary to commence the return to normalcy. The latest research in the fields of neurobiology absolutely supports this perspective. Mind Meld with Miracle Merch Join Our Group
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While Wayne is taking a sabbatical Team Miracle will continue to produce content from the Mind Meld with Miracle Archive of wonderful content. Experience the Leading Edge in Plasma Technology! #focus #health #meditation #selfimprovement #antiaging
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