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Time to Change

I amDec 23, 2018, 10:26:55 AM

In order for Mankind to free themselves from the suffering clutches of external controllers, what the Holy Scriptures call "Principalities and Powers" and what we've discovered to be SORCERERS (i.e. Lawyers, Legislators, Politicians, Banking Families, Bureaucracies, etc.) practicing SORCERY through the manipulation of language, then Mankind MUST find within himself (individually) the motivation, the desire, or the CARE to change their thinking, their habits, their reactions, and their actions.

Anyone controlling us by way of manipulation, coercion, threat of violence, or the breeding of ignorance is effectually a Sorcerer because that is what Sorcerers do. They are selfish little devils primarily concerned with the satisfaction of their egos. The drive for centralized power and monopolized wealth is the stain of a total and complete distorted mind. Blanket statement!

So what shall we do? It would be sufficient enough that Man WILL himself away from reacting to fear in the exact opposite ways as he has been Led to behave. If we truly Desire different results, we must ask ourselves individually, "What am I willing to change about myself?". Are you willing to stop watching television? Are you willing to begin reading informative books? Are you willing to stop eating processed "foods"? Are you willing to begin filtering your water? These are the types of questions we need to ask ourselves because these are the very things we need to do in order to liberate our clogged up and polluted minds and bodies.

It has been stated that the definition of INSANITY is to keep doing the same behaviors over and over and expect different results. Well you can't continue to get angry over and over again and expect a different reaction than the one you've always gotten. So, it comes to reason that getting angry is foolishness rather than wisdom. And it would be wise to start LEARNING how to GOVERN that emotion using the intellect. Make sense? Because it is the mind that should be the command center rather than the other way around. See?

So what is keeping us back from changing? It's two things. Our willingness to learn and our willingness to invite change. People are not willing to voluntarily replace their television viewing time with something beneficial like books. Blanket statement. And they surely aren't willing to learn about how the mind truly operates and how our thoughts literally affect what we do, how we react, and why we do what we do.

But if you personally wish to be a stain on the sidelines of history and do nothing to better your mind, body, and spirit that's your choice. And I do not pity anyone for making that choice. If that be your conscious choice do not cry "victim", because you are not any species of victim. Victims, in the sense in which I'm referring to, make their beds and refuse to lie in it; they always have a "scapegoat" (someone or something to blame). Solely, the blame rests firmly on our own shoulders because the ABDICATION of our own personal responsibility to progress is now our burden. Scapegoats become illusions once we become aware that we were raised and conditioned to abdicate our rightful thrones. Once we become aware of that fact and we begin to understand that knowledge, we can not forget it and de-understand it.

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