I'm an Aussie blogger in Sydney. Right-leaning, atheist. Have a keen interest in Australian and American politics. Please check out my blogs, linked below.
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Views46.84k ——|—— Self proclaimed visionary. I wonder why so many people need a leader, rather than being one. My self confidence and conviction are often incorrectly perceived as arrogance. I am disgusted by the overwhelming indifference & complacency of society that allows a wide gamut of problems to cripple the advancement and success of everyone. I am angered by those who impose their will on others, without invitation or consent, no matter the intention. I am encouraged by those who are active in seeking to maintain or reclaim individual liberty. My obsession with the acquisition of all human knowledge, before my sure to be untimely demise, often interferes with itself. Surely, the last piece of knowledge acquired will be just how exactly to quantify human knowledge. I am not afraid to write from my own perspective or to refer to myself as I. I do not write as well as I would like, however, that rarely stops me from trying. Employment & residential information is intentionally ambiguous and incomplete. It is intended only for networking purposes to aid in the location of friends, associates, and acquaintances. Any usage other than general reference by people known to me, is pretty much pointless. [————] Buy stuff:

Is there any replacement for the world? [Join or search a group {click to one through a post header/title} to directly follow an essay and primary related work and content.] Share if you are a lover of wisdom.;referrer=DragonBlood300 (I generally write about the books in my library, the ones I am able to pick up, handle, and verify what I am writing about. I mostly have a large collection of Penguin classics and some other things concerning the War Poets of the early 19th century. I study Asian philosophy in China and Japan and India as well. I write aphorisms and sometime a little fiction. I try to wander through this where my mind leads. I thought I would write with a audience to motivate myself, with embarrassment, in learning my own studies and for only my wisdom. I have done much schooling, but ...we all know that school these days is a brainwashing factory, right? So...most of what I have learned on my own I still remember. Maybe I accidentally teach myself something and maybe someone accidentally learns to teach themselves a thing. That's what I think.) (A small word: you will have to be patient with idea presentation in this format. I am not contradicting myself if concepts demand more attention than space is available...ask for a reading list, I'll be happy to provide one.) (All the 'group' in which I have posted are mine for organizational purposes...just easier for extremely complex narratives) (If you post on my page or in the groups please try to stay on topic, be concise, write with nuance and have sources ready...accepted sources not nonsense--I keep a certain standard here. I don't think this is too much to ask. I consider this a sacred pursuit. If you shit post {specifically and intentionally disgusting material} I will permanently remove you. I am not being too serious, jokes are accepted. I don't want to see disgusting stupidities on my page, please. Stay classy and try to have fun.) (I can't believe I have to tell people this but: write and think at least a level above community college or I will hold you accountable, challenge your comments, destroy you; I will make an example of you. Get it? That's the level of thinking I expect and the example I myself set, I accept nothing less. So, step up your game or go play with the children.) YES, THIS PAGE IS ONE LARGE INTERLOCKING CONVERSATION ON HUMANITY. ...I am going on a journey? . . .

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Hello, my friends, welcome to my channel! On my page you will find topics related to craftsmanship, music, games, politics, and anything medieval. Free speech and civility are important to me. We should speak truth, and be equally willing to listen when others speak wise words. I am currently living in Daegu, South Korea and enjoying the beautiful country, temples, and castles. Feel free to chat and I will do my best to reply. If you can, subscribe so we can make this corner of the web a larger, better place. Thank you, all. Safe travels! I am currently living in South Korea. My @TAK_In_South_Korea page is basically defunct. You can follow my travels here :)

Hey there. Name: David Rumsfeld. Reason I joined: Facebook kicked me for no reason. My RedBubble Account:

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