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Little answers for little ears. Matilda's Lab is a science blog that aims to explain the complex world of science in simple and easy to understand ways. This is to help parents and educators teach kids. My daughter Matilda is my test subject.

Evolving Science presents the very latest scientific research & forefront of engineering discoveries from all over the world.

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I love all things blockchain and Cryptocurrency. I started following Cryptocurrency and blockchain about 2 years and since then have learned many amazing things. I also love art, reading, and my family.

come and Join Me at - A group about Crpyto Trades and TA - I have dived into the World of CRYPTO a few years back and after a few expensive mistakes, I have Learnt a Lot...I stay in profit and am happy to share what I have learnt...First rule..ALWAYS Watch what Bitcon does...It IS the Guage by which everything moves or not - I will post Ideas and charts every now and then..If you want help, Feel Free to ask ;-) - It is not that difficult really.....Crypto is essentially, a series of just need to learn to count the waves and understand when the Big ones are going to arrive...

Apr 2018
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