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What You Need to Know about Background Checks

MarionGaskins1349Jul 5, 2018, 3:46:05 PM

Today, it is common for employers to perform background checks during hiring. Usually, these background checks are intended to verify claims about an applicant as well as understand their past. However, background checks are performed under clear legal restrictions. There are, however, several reasons why employers perform screening for their employees before hiring. Since the screening process can take so much time, working with a screening service such as the People Trail can help.

Usually, background checks involve reviewing the criminal, commercial, and financial records of an individual. These checks are common with employers who seek to verify various things about the successful applicant before hiring. However, employment screening is not only performed before hiring. In some cases, the employer can perform background check after employment. The employer will need to notify the employee about such background checks and get consent from the employee.

In post employment background checks, the employer must explain the consequences of negative feedback. For instance, the employer should explain whether negative feedback would mean termination. This is essential to prevent other problems that might arise such as lawsuits if the employer had not asked for your consent or explained that certain negative reports would lead to termination.

Background checks usually constitute certain information. However, the scope of the background check will depend on certain factors. One of the factors is the purpose of the background check. If you need it for security clearance, it will be extensive. Another factor that would influence the scope of background check is credit reporting. However, background checks can reveal criminal records, credit and financial information, personal details, previous employment, education confirmation, and driving records.

There are, however, certain reasons why employers perform employment screening on their employees. Some of the reasons include the following.

1. Enhance security and safety.

By performing background checks on your employee during the hiring process, you can identify potentially dangerous individuals. This can be revealed by drug tests, criminal records, and sex offender searches. The employer can identify red flags and perform more investigation. As a result, the employer can avoid such risky individuals, thereby increasing safety and security in the organization.

2. Minimize employee turnover.

Usually, poor hires result in employee turnover. However, employers can prevent this by performing background checks. This would, in turn, prevent spending time and money hiring the wrong employees. The background check feedback can be used to evaluate the integrity of an applicant. Because of this, you can eliminate candidates with negligent and harmful behavior, and who might repeat such harmful behaviors in your organization resulting in termination. You will then be required to start the hiring process again. View whats included in this article.

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