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Welcome to the Authors of Minds

Amazing Gaming ProductionsApr 23, 2021, 1:09:46 PM
This is their first step for all of us

Last year, around this time, I disagreed with the queen of the authortube community, Jenna Moreci. To be honest, I was kinda surprised by this. Anyone who puts outrageous questions like “Do you prefer cock or cunt” is about one step away from being a edge lord. But alas, she was as ideological as any leftist. When I had a disagreement with her about the Witcher Netflix, a series I thought was well written, she didn’t care. “It was a neck bearded cliche that shouldn’t exist in current year”.

But her discord server was eye opening. Hundreds of people worked with each other, helping them write better. They were people open to being beta readers and critique partners. It was amazing and startling. I didn’t see anything like that for a writer who stands for free speech. It was the day of my awakening. I knew I had to be the person who created a creative community that brought everyone together so we can be the best writers, artists and creatives we can be.

This blog, and the new group Authors of Minds, is my way to organize what she did. Except, it’s open to anyone. I want that group to be as busy as her discord server. I want to see people posting up resources that help writers, writing prompts, posts for beta readers and critique partners. That way we can create the best work we can create. It’s time to create something amazing!

Beyond that, here’s my post on all the great authors here on Minds. I’ve linked all their books from Amazon, their blogs and everything else. Get to know these amazing writers.

Why support shitty media or shitty anger paddlers!

For all the irate people out there, you can either be angry at the latest POS movie, comic, game or you can have fun reading books from the writers on this list. Instead of trying to ‘pressure Hollywood’, you should check out all kinds of interesting writers here instead. That is the true pressure you can put on Hollywood. I’ve read many of the books on this list and we have an amazing community.

So, stop being irate and spend your money on people who want to entertain you!

— — —

All the Amazon links are affiliates, buying their books help them and my channel as well!

— — —

Lori Aisling

Books -

Death’s Widow (haven’t read)

The Change (Earth Realm - Book 1) (have read - 4/5 stars)

The Change (Four Others - Book 2) (have read - 4/5 stars)

Darkest Deeds - (Haven’t read)

Stampede Into Flames: A Story of Loyalty & Love (haven’t read)

Lori is a great friend, and I am proud to support her adventures into the writing world. I wish her all the success with her books and her farm life.

As I’ve stated, I’ve read The Change series up to it’s current release.

It’s a post-apocalyptic fantasy story. The MC is the ‘balance’ who has to set the world right again, helped by 4 warriors in a cycle played by the gods. It’s got erotic scenes, so be ready for Bristol taking on her 4 warriors when she’s not fighting against the Chaos and it’s minions.

Keep going Lori, you’re a fabulous author.

— — —

Matt Dawson


Matt is writing this very interesting post-apocalyptic serial called Machine Hearts. It’s about a world that is completely changed, humanity is fighting for survival with machines taking over more and more.

The first chapter is open to all, but the other chapters are available on Minds+. If you have it, you can support this fabulous serial!

— — —

The Luna Ronin

The Art Den

Luna is a community organizer, especially with the Art Den group. He posts up scripts he is working on, writing prompts and so much more. You will benefit by following his account.

— — —

Ian Kirkpatrick aka Robot (@KirkpattieCake)

Dead End Drive (have read - 4/5 stars)

This is a delightful romp about murder. It’s not a mystery, more like a slaughter. Once you get past the slow start, the murders are very entertaining. You will be cheering for some people and hoping others get what the fucking deserve. I recommend it.

— — —

Robert Van Dusen

Books 2 buy

I’ve read his Outbreak : Boston (3/5 stars) novel and it’s a fun read. Zombies everywhere, and all kinds of chaos between the humans trying to survive. You’ll enjoy his horror series. You can check them all out link above.

— — —

Emily Morgan

Write Up Pro blog

Emily is one of my Parler friends. She has so many unique insights and ideas and posts up many thoughtful posts to get you thinking. She posts great blogs up to her website every Wednesday. She sorts them into time management, how to write, marketing and brand development and editing and revision.

— — —

Bad Ben Bad

He’s creating an universe of heroes dealing with a madman hell bent on purifying everyone. He doesn’t have anything published yet, but it is an interesting idea, and he has lots of awesome character sketches.

— — —

Molly B

Molly’s blog

Molly puts her stories on Wordpress, so check it out. She also puts up stories on Minds+, so if you have it, support a wonderful creative. She also participates in all kinds of writing challenges and prompts. She is well worth following, and is active in the Art Den.

— — —

Sean Rowland


Rowland’s Laws is another writer I know from Parler. His writing prompts were great and he has many stories off his website. This includes a weekly serial - the Journals of Jack Winslow. It’s about a human on a spaceship learning about other aliens. Check it out!

— — —

Nancie Neal

Nancie’s Amazon Listing

While I haven’t bought any of her books, and they’re all free right now, I have followed her work since 2016-17. She has 8 books for download right now, so check them out.

— — —


He has wonderful writing prompts all the time, I love getting involved with them. He’s also working on a novel for the end of the year. Go subscribe to him.

— — —

Devon McPherson

The Idiocy and the Odyssey: of Tarnation Sparks and Murfles McGee (kids book)

Devon is creating a great career for themselves in the child literature and media sphere. She works on educational videos, loves to looking at old cartoons and published a children’s book.

— — —

Pete Catania

Why Not Wichita (Not Read)

Pete is another one of my friends from Parler who migrated over to Minds. He’s worked as a film maker and has turned a new leaf as a writer. I haven’t read Why Not Wichita yet, but that is coming - I have another book I’ll be reading soon.

— — —

Red Leger (Minds Pro)

Red is one of my favourite bloggers. His content is liberty-minded, but he’s one of the better writers here on Minds. He has well thought out arguments for many of his blogs, and you can gain access to many of them for as little as .8 tokens/month.

— — —


Eisah is working on his own novel right now, and he’s an active part of the Minds writing community. He has excellent thoughts and ideas and I enjoy seeing what he posts up when it pops up in my timeline.

— — —

Jack Pierce

Under A Mourning Star: A Novel (haven’t read)

Condemned (haven’t read)

Dreamer : A Novel (haven’t read)

The Snow White Murders : A Novel (haven’t read)

Nuke Your Brain: The Ultimate Guide to Destroying Your Anxiety, Depression, and Insecurity! (Haven’t read)

The Suicide Diaries (haven’t read)

Harvest The Children (haven’t read)

The Ghostwriter Murders (haven’t read)

Bring Me A Dream (haven’t read)

Jack is a very prolific writer. He writes of murder mysteries and horror books. He churns them out enough you will have enough books for a month or two.

– — —

Ilya Caplan

Rangers of West Point: Ranger book 1 (After Prime) (haven’t read)

Another writer and gamer on Minds. His debut work is Rangers of West Point - a story about a father and adoptive son duo trying to keep the peace and protect a small outpost.

— — —

Cliff Hamrick

Boost Your Mental Health (haven’t read)

Saga of the Scout (haven’t read)

Cliff is another active member of the writing community. Saga of the Scout is on my reading list - so expect a review soon.

— — —

Leslee Sheu

Kumasagi, Part 1: Destin (haven’t read)

Kumasagi, Part 2: Kandargiri (haven’t read)

Kumasagi, Part 3: Wife (haven’t read)

Leslee is another active member of the writing community on Minds. I have bought her first book, and it revolves around a fantasy realm where a people have left their homes in the oceans to live on Land.

— — —

Amy Sutphin


Twisting Every Way (haven’t read)

Amy is another active author in the Minds creative community. Her book is next on my list to read - it’s about a girl with magic powers who comes into herself after someone invades her village/town.

She has many great responses to different writing prompts. She’s definitely someone to follow.

Having read her first blog - Translation, she’s a great author!

— — —


V3rily has a bunch of awesome weird poems and thoughts in meme form, that I’d say it an art form. It’s a high quality of twisting all kinds of old nursery rhymes into contemporary forms with pictures.

The poems are religious, so he might not be your cup of tea, but if you are - check his account out.

— — —

Jelly Cube

Best writing prompt post I ever read!

Jelly is an active TTRPG fan and enters into all kinds of Writing Prompts. There is one in particular that is so good that I link it here. Read it, it will touch your heart!

– — —


Poetry Posts

Photography Posts

Using a mixture of visuals and poetry, NKR is one creative person. You should check out his account and give him some love.

He has many posts under Minds+, so you may need to upgrade to see it all!

— — —

Martin Schiller

A Kinder Greener Vampire and Other Stories (haven’t read)

Willowsbrook Chronicles and other stories

I don’t know why this guy shouts out “I’m a younger Garth Brooks” but he does, and he is an active member of the writing community. He has a ongoing serial on Minds - the Willowsbrook Chronicles which takes place in a fantasy realm. Definitely worth getting to know!

— — —

C.L. Carhart


Arcane Gateway: A Paranormal Fantasy Saga (His Name Was Augustin Book 1)

C.L. Is one of my Parler friends who migrated to Minds after Parler went down. She’s writing a series of books right now, which if I could best describe it - it’s what the Dark Adventures of Sabrina could be. It’s got great characters, intriguing storylines and is plain fun!

It’s not action oriented, it’s more of a character driven novel. Though, with the first chapter of the 2nd book, included in her novel, I have to say the real action starts in book 2!

— — —

Joshua Calkins Treworgy


I knew Josh as Byron of Sidious on Parler. He migrated over to Midns and is using Substack to write his storytelling blogs. Currently, he’s working on a series called a Midwestern Yankee, which takes place in a fantasy realm.

The series has a bit of a rocky start, but it gets better over time. I definitely recommend checking it out.

— — —



Victorique is another active member of the Art Den. She’s working on a alternative Napoleanic world, which sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to see what she does with it shortly!

— — —

R. H. Morter

Gatekeepers: Unquestionable Truth (haven’t read)

Gatekeepers: Order of Gravitas (haven’t read)

A Dapper Deathwish (haven’t read)

The Agency (Gatekeepers: Lyo Book 1)

While I haven’t read RH’s books yet, I am looking forward to it. I’ve had some interesting discussions with him and he’s well thought out. Currently, I have GateKeepers : Unquestionable Truth to read.

— — —




Battle Games Book One: (Combat as a Professional Sport)

Cliffe is one of our resident book reviewers here on Minds. He does have the beginnings of a novel on his blog, and I’ll check it out later, but he reviews many books and puts them on Bitchute.

Reviewing books is a great way to learn how to write, because if you don’t read books you don’t have the time or the tools to write.

And he has a book to check out, a battle Royals in the 21st century!

— — —

Stephen Zimmer

Enter the Imaginarium

The Awakening: A Ragnar Stormbringer Tale (The Ragnar Stormbringer Tales)

Darkness Enthroned: A Rayden Valkyrie Tale (The Rayden Valkyrie Tales)

His entire library

Stephen has a wonderful fantasy world that I enjoyed reading. With Ragnar and Rayden, it is about a fantasy world that is being demonic giants who want to return. It’s fantastic and I’m enjoying it so much. I can’t wait to read the other books in this world.

Stephen also offers editing services for anyone who needs a good look at their story.

He’s doing many things to help the writing and creative community find it’s feet during these turbulent times of cancel culture.

— — —

Timo Burnham


Timo is working on some great stories, he has two on his profile. But he’s a Memester who loves making people laugh. But check out his blogs, he’s a good writer.

— — —

Penitus Vox

While Pentius doesn’t have anything online yet, he says he is working on his writing. If anything, he’s a cool guy who wants to help the creative community as well, so sub to his channel!

— — —

Allison Wade


Deadland Tales

Under the Menhir: A Fantasy Novella

Allison has blogs on how to format your ebooks, which is great. And she has some interesting looking books for everyone to read. Most of her posts are different Skyrim playthroughs with different mods. It’s fun to check out her adventures.

— — —

John Briggs 

Instruments of War 

John is another active member of the writing community who has a novel out on Amazon. His book is about a human race who uses convicted criminals headed for death row as weapons of war through experimentation. Sounds interesting! 

— — —

Fianna Wolf


Fianna Wolf is one of my favourite people to follow. Like her, I know we need to leave the ‘franchise’ cults. Instead of complaining about the shitty media, we need to support good media. The more authors, comic creators, game devs and artists we support, the faster we win!

Go follow her and get to know the future.

— — —

Chrissy Moss

Witch’s Sight (free book)

Chrissy Moss is a writer, game dev and artist with a big library of books. You can get the free one by signing up for her news letter. I haven’t read her books, but it looks like it’s fantasy novels. I’ll give everyone a heads up when I read the free book!

— — —

Politically Incorrect Dharma


He has a variety of interesting looks at spirituality, religion and culture. He’s definitely someone you should follow.

— — —

Black Knight 

Star Shatter (have read) (3/5 stars)

Twin Suns Of Carrola (Starshatter Book 2)

Treads Of Vengeance (Starshatter Book 3)

Von Braun's Gambit (Starshatter Book 4) 

Secrets Of Lothoria (Starshatter Book 5) 

Final Liberation (Starshatter)

Aragmar is the original. The first person to decide to start creating fiction and not bending the knee to the PC police. He is working on a 10-story series Star Shatter, a space opera. He goes out of his way to do the cheesy stereotypes for a humorous element. His characters are interesting, including the sapient animal characters.

Definitely worth reading, though the first couple do read as drafts and not polished works. 

— — —



Wraith has a bunch of great fantasy short story blogs on his minds account. I am excited to read them and you should be too. His artwork is also fantastic. 

— — — 

Purple Rose Publishing

Amazon List

Purple Rose Publishing is great if you you want to learn about stoicism and early Christianity. They have lots of books on these very topics!

— — —

Edward Willett 

Shaper of Worlds (volume 1)

Shapers of Worlds (volume 2) 

Edward is an interesting character. As a fellow Canadian, he works on shorty story collections with a variety of different authors, which he calls Shapers of Worlds. I have the first volume, which you can get off his website. He has a second volume that is back for $16k right now. It’s definitely something to check out.

— — —


Loose Ends (a tale of doom)

The Blight Queen - A Tale Of Doon

Butonfly has two serials taking place in the same universe. While Loose Ends have some issues at the start of the story, as time went on to the 40th blog in that series, it was spot on. I enjoyed it a huge amount. 

I haven’t read the Blight Queen yet, but I expect some great things.

— — —

Ken Wells

The Jab

Another Minds author, working on a serial that I’m going to get right into - The Jab. I can’t wait to see what this story will be like, there is 9 chapters right now!

— — —



Harakhte offers premium blogs through Minds+ and some free ones for anyone who wants to read what he has to say.

— — —


Bruvton likes writing small little poetry posts on Minds. It’s nice a relaxing to sit back and read a 4 or 8 line piece.

— — —


The Simple Life Guide To Financial Freedom 

This account is all about living off the grid, so if that’s your thing, you should check this account now!

— — —

Remso W. Martinez

How to Succeed in Politics (and Other Forms of Devil Worship)

Remso is a political satirist. I haven’t read his book, but I am excited to see what it’s all about - I’ll buy it next month.

— — — 



The Cane Patch Collectors

The Xylanthian Chronicles

Thomas has a large number of books under his belt, from contemporary to Sci-fi. You should check out his website.

— — —


Breakspear is always active for different writing prompts and contests. His stuff is good. You should check them out.

— — —



Patrick is another author who questions regressive narratives. He doesn’t like the height of ‘anti-racism’ the media has gone too. How are Orcs representatives of black people? 

— — —

Jem Williams (Perspective Revolution) 


Jem has all kinds of thoughts and art on futuristic ideas. Everything from SpaceX, to Stoic virtues, to paintings of space ships. You’ll love his account!

— — —

Cody Baier

Cloud Scratcher

Anime Outsiders

Cody is an indy author who works on his own stuff on Cloudscratcher.com. He’s into anime and having fun.

— — —

Mike DeSousa

20 book packs

Mike writes fantasy and sci-fi novels, and helps others sell theirs as well with the 20 book pack! It’s all for $9.99!

— — —

Steve the Stref


Steve has many premium blogs for everyone, so if you have Minds+ go and help out an interesting writer!

— — —

Stephen Landis

A writer and author and part of the Fandom Menace, though he’s starting to realize for he Menace to win, you need to start supporting alternative media. It’ll be interesting to see what he produces!

— — —



Ren blogs about many topics, including open sexual lifestyles to open borders. It’s fascinating the different POVs minds encourages!

— — —

W.D. Lady

Nightmarish Reality (The Nightmarish Reality Series Book 1)

Nightmarish Revelations (The Nightmarish Reality Series Book 2)

W.D. is a new author I found out about because my efforts in creating a writing community here on Minds. She has a couple of books - and it’s all about a teenager whose dreams become a reality, and he has to cope with this reality.

— — —

Richard Hennerley (r2409)

The Dog who made The Grim Reaper Cry: Curious tales of Dogs, Magic and Mystery! (Tales from Anywhere)

Floating Away: Tales of Endings, Change and Beginnings - everything starts the day you Float Away (Tales from Anywhere)

Angels, Demons and Gods: Everything in Heaven and Hell is not always as it seems (Tales from Anywhere)

Entire List

r2409 is our resident devil. He’s post up many thought provoking ideas in posts, and he has a variety of interesting books about life. I would recommend checking his library out.

— — —

Al Parker

Al loves reading and asks all kinds of great questions for the writing community to respond to. He’s working on his own stuff as well, though he hasn’t posted anything yet.

— — —



Celt is the account for black tar publishing. Its a couple of writers who focus their work on being different and being on the forefront against censorship. They have stories in all kinds of categories. Check them out.

— — —


I Overlord (Tower Lords Book 1)

Mutamancer (Tower Lords Book 2)

Rise of the UnTed (Tower Lords) 

NecroNancy: UnTed Book 2 (Tower Lords)

Joshua has created a fantasy book series with a twist, it takes place in an old style computer RPG universe - with towers. This is so cool, you should check his stories out.

— — —

Styx Hexen Hammer

Although Styx doesn’t have anything yet, he’s taking a step from the camera to write and produce satire comics. Welcome to a larger world buddy. Good luck with this new project!

— — —

Erwin The Author


Erwin is a recent addition to the writing community on Minds. He asks awesome questions. He despises cancel culture. Produces some reviews and blogs and his own writing.

— — —

SC Visel

Visel is working on a Werewolves in Space serial as posts on Minds. It is a fantastic series, you should check it out!

— — —

Robert Krone 

Low End Kid

Robert has a book many people in the community are raving about, the Low End Kid. It’s about a kid in the 21st century who is on the run because he knows too much about a war that devastated the world!

— — —

Rita Cragwall

Dog Is God Spelled Backward: 101 Notes to Self

I AM the God Particle: The Secret Ancient Knowledge of the 12 Laws of Mind

The Ultimate Mental Diet: How to Stop Worrying & Defeat Trouble in Life

Rita is an esoteric writer, getting into philosophy, religion and spirituality. If that’s your thing, check her out.

— — —

Matt Waterhouse

The Eye Of The Universe

Out Of The Ashes (The Four Guardians Book 1)

The Burning Plains (The Four Guardians Book 2)

In The Serpent's Lair (The Four Guardians Book 3)

Matt has a small fantasy series, The Four Guardians, on sale on Amazon right now. He’s also very active in the creative community. You may want to check them out.

— — —

Daniel and Angel


A father and daughter writing team. Daniel is very involved in the writing community. He offers writing prompts and contests on a weekly basis. You should check out his work!

— — —


Order of the Spirits: Fragments

Vladimir is one of my homies in the #Loinstream with Kirkpatiecake. We lament about Meg Latorre’s  “The Cyborg Tinkerer”. But he’s also an author, and you should check his stuff out!

— — —

Marc Foxx

New Tokyo

Marc is the author of New Tokyo, a post apocalyptic story. It’s about how mass immigration is making everyone’s life miserable in 2117!

— — —

Bowen Greenwood

Collected Sherman Iron Mysteries: Organized Crime Private Investigator Murder Mysteries

Bowen is one of my favourite mystery novelists. I love the Sherman Iron Mysteries. I read the last one, and it all fit together. A great character arc, a great antagonist, a great mystery. I loved it!


Jack W Gunter

Adventure Story

DnD Helps real life

Song Lyrics

Ideas on Manhood

Philosophical Thinking

A Short Story

How to be Happy

Fresh to the world

Adventure Trips for Couples

Jack is an active writer in the writing community, I see his stuff all the time. Check out his channel and send him some love!