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Welcome Minders. This is my second attempt at a channel. While I think my first channel was a good, I realized I needed to take it in a very different direction than blogging every single day. I decided to go with game development, which I have a bit of a background in. This channel is for game development videos, located . If you want to learn how to make a video game, than this is the channel you need to follow. I’ll also put up videos about some of the things I am working on through gaming engines like Codea, the Unreal Engine and many others. Currently, I’m working on a video game that is going to take the piss out of Internet citizens. GamerGate Trolls Supporters - @YayoThe0ne @mindsgaming @RealNewzNow @MindCakes @AmericanEric @imawesome1260 @KyleSislerJATWC @yorizzo @PeterHauen @Squarepegs @ladyhug @Americanpie @jroseland @WatchCommander Social Media Websites - Indiewatch - Reddit - Facebook - YouTube - Twitter - Minds - Dissenter - Instagram - -
local_offer#art#gaming#gamedevelopment#WRITING#RPG This is an important story time video. There is such a lack of a writing community, that works with each other to push each other to create the best stories we can. And if you think, gaming isn’t important - gaming is storytelling and storytelling is culture. This is the biggest gap we need to fill right now. #creativity #creativewriting #creative #Writing #writingcommunity
remove_red_eye22 What you look forward to in the next few months on my video channel. #writingcommunity #writersofminds #writerslife #writing #Writer
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