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Welcome Minders. This is my second attempt at a channel. While I think my first channel was a good, I realized I needed to take it in a very different direction than blogging every single day. I decided to go with game development, which I have a bit of a background in. This channel is for game development videos, located . If you want to learn how to make a video game, than this is the channel you need to follow. I’ll also put up videos about some of the things I am working on through gaming engines like Codea, the Unreal Engine and many others. Currently, I’m working on a video game that is going to take the piss out of Internet citizens. GamerGate Trolls Supporters - @YayoThe0ne @mindsgaming @RealNewzNow @MindCakes @AmericanEric @imawesome1260 @KyleSislerJATWC @yorizzo @PeterHauen @Squarepegs @ladyhug @Americanpie @jroseland @WatchCommander Social Media Websites - Indiewatch - Reddit - Facebook - YouTube - Twitter - Minds - Dissenter - Instagram - -
Okay, who wants 25 tokens. #blender community, I have a 10 episode blender basics series, where I show you how to make the solar system, completely animated. The person with the best Planet Earth, the best Saturn and the Best Space Ship each get 25 tokens. Real tokens. Free. Just go out and check out my videos on - Go to it guys. Do me proud! Sept. 11th deadline.
I'm back. And I've learned all kinds of stuff, for which I am going to teach you all about how to make your profile explode with interactions. Personally, I've seen real results on Twitter - one week I had over 150k tweet reach, so I must know what I am doing. How do you get this level of engagement with your social media, you must be asking. 1. Post content regularly. I mean multiple times a day in topics that you will be routinely sharing. For me, #GAMEDEV #indiedev #Blender #art #3dart. 2. Use the discovery function to find people who are also interested in the same stuff as you post - share the content, comment on it, like it - be social - this is social media after all. There is no 'Winning' this. It isn't a zero-sum game. 3. Make sure your posts are 9:1 in favour of other people's posts. If you post your own content, make sure you comment, share 9 other posts. 4. Be positive, I know everything can be depressing at times, but don't take things out on other people. 5. Don't try to sell your content to everybody, those who try to sell it to everybody will sell it to nobody. So, that's what you need to do to get insane interactions. Get out there and be social.
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