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Steve Martin (58) is a life-long Christian patriot and Constitutional activist from Amity, Maine. A former Republican State Committeeman, Steve was the first to produce video documentaries questioning the government conspiracy surrounding the events of 9/11/01, has authored several books, and was an AM Radio morning show host for several years on WXME-AM 780 in Monticello, Maine. Steve is married to the some lovely lady, Peggy, for 36 years, and has four grown children and four grandchildren. Steve has also been an avid blogger at the past several months, with a 63 reputation score and over 800 followers.

Objectivist, martial artist, and political enthusiast.

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My name is Katie Mac, I enjoy writing, debating, gaming, nature, family time, pets, animals, music, and esoteric arts. I detest censorship, and overly sensitive crihards.

Just a regular mom. I want to help build my children’s future by contributing to the public discussion on where our country should be headed.

Oct 2018
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