My name's Michael. I'm a science fiction author. This channel is my author's platform. I pretty much post everything I write here on Minds. Stick around to receive updates on future projects as well as bonus materials related to my stories. Cheers! Amazon link to my novel Red Eden: Homeworld Bound Full novel plus codex entries available for FREE here on Minds: Link to my Minds-exclusive miniseries, Saving Ever After: As I pretty much post everything I write for free, I rely on voluntary purchases of my book for financial support. If you've bought my book, thank you!
Writer/designer I'm the creator of the ongoing web-series The Hand Unseen. It's a prequel to a technocratic corporatocracy explored through journalism and design — in a timeline of the next 100 years. I wanted to create a reading experience the way I feel I'm reading history now. Through journalism, timelines, infographics, and social media. If you're interested in technocratic fictional futures, corporate overlords, political machinations, social engineering, and secret societies, you might dig it. The site can be dense and intimidating, but I always encourage people to read it the way you would read a news feed. Read the first paragraph of a story that interests you, jump around, or check out the awesome art. You'll get out what you put in.
musician and artist sharing my work and my thoughts co host of @theopenfloor with @brainfruit_me For bookings or art contact [email protected]
I write code for a living. I sometimes write books, too. Goodreads: Steemit, Gab, and Amazon Author Central: See social profile links. OTHER LINKS: My published books, available in digital and paperback: (Main Series) Unquestionable Truth: Order of Gravitas A Forgotten Dream (Sidequels) A Dapper Deathwish: A Dapper Deathwish 2: Edge of Horizon The Agency: Metastasis: Navigation page for various short stories:
Welcome. Here you'll find- Art, Comedy, Gaming, fantasy, D&D, Movie Suggestions, Fiction, Original Writing, Trailers, and a general smattering of things that interest me. Subscribe now to add things of interest to your feed. Pinned to the top you will find some of my episodic fiction- character driven stories in a quick and easy to read format with a strong prose and memorable characters. If you have a look, please hit the remind to share with others. If you'd like to support, subscribe on Minds, and consider supporting via Patreon, link below. You can also hang out while I'm streaming over at twitch. Author, mother, wife, Christian, proponent of voluntarism. Sub for short stories and memes. "Same Song, next verse, faster than the first." -Elizabeth Weinstein in Ahna: The Gathering, coming out soon. Subscribe to keep up to date.
Author of the Nightmarish Reality Series.
Social Media Linktree: ‐----------------------------------------------------------- Likes some Video Games, little bit of reading; Supports Freedom of Speech and stuff. I post whatever I feel like posting. ------------------------------------------------------------ I am also a pretty weird person. ------------------------------------------------------------ "Insert quote of a famous person here" ------------------------------------------------------------ I don't like those silly communists. Get them out of here! (*^ワ^*) ------------------------------------------------------------ I am filtering everything through a lens of humor and sarcasm. ------------------------------------------------------------ Once in a while I write silly short stories. I use those to kind of process experiences and emotions. (=^▽^=) Its cringy, but idc ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I also use this Channel to write down some of my verbal diarrhea, random rants and other venting ventures.
Writer/ artist from Ukraine, creator of Lovecraftian books Welcome to Shipsgrave and Colton Crux. Support me on Patreon
I’m a truth seeker and freedom lover. I share info that I think will help you (and me) live a better life, either through learning practical knowledge and skills, or by gaining a new perspective, wisdom, inspiration or a laugh at the human condition. May we all have greater peace, health, satisfaction and happiness in our lives every day.
I am a self-taught indie author, who writes science fiction and fantasy. Since 2016 I've published eleven books; seven from my old school space opera series - #Starshatter, two short story anthologies, and two Conanesque novellas, all set in the same universe. Even though English is my 3rd language, after fifteen years of hard work and planning, I was still able to publish some of my drafts. It is only thanks to my friends, family and my loyal fans that I am still here and writing. My readers taught me a lot and they keep helping me crate more fantastic stories every day! With each new book I write, my humble skills grow a little bit. My only hope now is that the few years I have left, will be enough so I can finish the Starshatter book series and my two other decalogies. Starshatter apparel available at our new store: My Sci Fi Books are published on Amazon available both in Kindle and Paperback: If you are willing and able you can support me on Patreon here My new Subscribestar page
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