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How To Roll Using DarkMode On Minds

LuculentFeb 2, 2019, 4:45:46 PM

As you may know, Minds is in the process or porting a native DarkMode, to answer the multitude of user requests over the years. While this is AWESOME, there is a 3rd party, open source alternative we can use, while we await the Minds native darkmode.

That alternative is the Firefox/Chromium browser extension - STYLISH.

By now, if you have wanted to use a darkmode on Minds, you have undoubtedly read my blog post, "Stylish: Restyle Your Web Browsing Experience" which explains how to use Stylish.

After installing the Stylish extension into your we browser, you head over to userstyles.org, and import various userstyles into Stylish.

For those of us wanting to view Minds in darkmode, simply browse over userstyles, and look for the Minds.Com CSharpner Dark userstyle developed by our very own @csharpner.

Below I'm going to showcase some of what you can expect out of this well maintained, awesome userstyle. If you decide to go with csharpners Minds.com Dark, please toss him a few tokens for all his hard work!