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Purveyors of quirky and inventive tabletop games. We design and sell board/card games. We would love to help you design your own as well, just ask for details! Wire us 5 points a month to unlock the hidden posts. They will contain updates about future ideas we are working on. BONUS: If you you have at least 100 subscribers and remind any of our posts about our games, we will reward you with 100 points. Limit 1 per ay, subject to change. Here's our store- Upcoming projects: 1) Ruckus: we are actively developing a game for up to 8 players, themed after a wild wild West saloon bar fight. In it, players roam the saloon looking for weapons like barstools, beer mugs, and pool sticks to assist in delivering beatdowns, while interacting with the environment such as the piano, the bar, or even the chandelier! So grab your chaps, swing your lasso, and get ready to chuck your friends out the window!

For innumerable generations memes have been passed down through the oral tradition. And while the old tales remain dank, a modern day meme-doctor must seek wisdom in the path of fresh, organic, non gmo memes

Nobody Told Me There Would Be Days Like These

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Hey there, folks!! I enjoy a combination of pets and strategy games. My 2 favorites are Pirate101 and Wizard101. I help people get the hatches and morphs they need and I help them get better at pvp. I also enjoy Roblox Phantom Forces and League of Legends. :)

Evil will always serve greater evil but good men are truly free.

Sep 2017
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