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"In the name of our ancestors whose blood was spilled, death to those who would destroy our homes, rape our loved ones, and ruin our ancestral homelands, death to the shatterer of the tribe of Kaleva, death to the polluter of the Finnish people!" — Elias Simojoki I am a Finnish National Socialist, White Nationalist, Pagan (not Asatru), NS propagandist, translator, writer, researcher, artist, photographer, and pro-White activist. You can also find me on: AND:
Catholic, National Socialist, dad. Amateur podcaster( My shitty wordpress blog
Host @ S o T o S p e a k | Proud father and husband Banned from Facebook, Twitter, and Coinbase for outspoken criticism of ethnomasochism and the Kalergi plan. Former owner / admin of social media's largest "It's Okay to Be White" community (until Facebook banned me and deleted my page at the request of the Congressional House Judiciary Committee).
hướng tới mùa xuân nước việt,sự tự do trong tranh luận biểu đạt ý kiến và thích và không thich,ưa hay không ưa,có là sự tự do của mỗi người, độc lập cho quê hương là điều cần phải được tiến hành.
Oregon, United States
Nov 2018
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