In support of Linux, free computer operating systems. There are many Linux OS's. They are called distributions or "distros". Each have their own vision / purpose; there's Linux for everyone. The most popular one seems to be Ubuntu from Canonical. Other top user friendly distros include: Linux Mint, Manjaro, Solus, Linux Lite, MX Linux, etc. Mastodon channel: Socialhome channel:
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The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are popular cultural symbols representing the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill). The terms, popularized in science fiction culture, are derived from the 1999 film The Matrix."

I firmly believe in your freedom to say what you want, and I am willing to die for that belief. I also firmly believe that I have the right to say what I want, and I have put my life on the line for that belief. That being said, do the right thing, and respect how others feel. Just don't tell me how to think.

Our mission is to educate and empower people via private and secure technology.

I'm a 44 year old ex-Emergency Medical Technician that had his spine blown out about four times. At least that's how many spinal surgeries I've had, so the math works out. I'm married to a witch, so that's a cool way to disquiet the locals and bring a conversation to a dead halt if it annoys me. Since I can't run about in an ambulance saving people from terminal stupidity anymore, I write novels. It's more fun, and I don't have to lift anything heavy. I enjoy sunsets, puppies, and assault weapons. I may be schizophrenic, I'll have to ask me and make sure. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. Nosey fucking bunch, aren't you?

...#DavidIcke WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL DAVID1200ICKE. **PLEASE NOTE** I OBTAIN CONTENT FOR THIS CHANNEL PURELY FOR NON-PROFIT SHARING, COMMENTING AND DISCUSSION. I AM NOT THE AUTHOR/CREATOR OF THE CONTENT SHARED ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED TO DAVID ICKE. A REQUEST TO REMOVE ANY CONTENT SHARED ON MY CHANNEL WILL BE HONOURED IMMEDIATELY. I intend to share the works of a truly incredible man, DAVID ICKE. Many of the truths David Icke shares with the collective, many of which he refers to as 'the truth vibrations,' are often hard to swallow, but either way, I believe David Icke is doing a considerable amount of relentless and tireless work, that is beneficial to the collective of humanity. David Icke challenges the official narrative, and in my view, he nails the TRUTH every time. I will endeavour to post the latest works from David Icke regularly on my channel, and I trust that you will enjoy and derive some enlightenment from them, as I do. much love to you all, and let us all remain happy, healthy, and focused... ...

Irish, Scot, Norse, Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, Some Fantasy, Beauty, Connecting with earth and nature and knowing that your body is your own universe I hope this brings peace to some of you and that you find true freedom inside of yourself.

Feb 2017
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