Is it voluntary? If not—why not? Shouldn't it be?

I've been tweeting about liberty things and #antiwar stuff for a few years.

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Anarchyball is now on Minds Anarchyball BTC: 1K6hWNFwWKnmz9Y4yzEqHyyR5yZZdbjtk8

Peaceful Treason is a conversational #podcast featuring ideas on how to advance human civilization toward absolute freedom and the highest quality of life through #innovation, #freemarkets and #disruption. Jared and Will share an almost-weekly episode that can be found on iTunes, Stitcher & Google Play. We prefer to avoid labelling ourselves as #anarchist or #libertarian, but if we had to pick an ideology that most closely represented our views shared, it would be #voluntaryism. Never forget that #TaxationIsTheft!

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Peace, Love and Anarchy. Nationalism Kills by the millions. Spontaneous Order. Mind your own business. Agorist. Homeschooler/Unschooler

The Laws of Humanity are Slavery. Individual Sovereignty is Liberty. Consent is the Cornerstone. ❤ ️☮ Ⓥ

Voluntaryist - The Comic Series A channel dedicated to promoting property rights, peaceful parenting, and the non-aggression principle through culture and entertainment. Check out my latest project at:

The Dollar Vigilante
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The Dollar Vigilante with Jeff Berwick is your source for surviving and prospering during and after the dollar collapse. Visit

Bill Ottman
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Aug 2018
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