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Visiting Panama’s San Blas Islands

LezangMay 15, 2019, 1:59:15 PM

Lush vegetation, fresh, colorful, filled with exotic birds, and the sapphire sea slurping at the white beaches, you will surely fall in love with everything that Panama has to offer. This includes their San Blas Islands that are strung out like pearls of a traveler’s heaven beside the Caribbean coast.

Extending from the Panamanian coast to nearly the Columbian border, the San Blas Islands are as soothing as they are attractive. With approximately 365 islands to choose, you will hardly be pressed to discover only one to lounge on.

Traveling to San Blas Islands

The islands are just 20 minutes plane ride from Panama. It is currently run by the Kuna Indians who run largely away from the national government. That enables them to hang onto their own financial system and cultural heritage as well. Visiting here enables you to feel as if you stepped into the world from long ago, as you experience and feel their unique music, language, and dress among others. With a lot of things to do in San Blas Islands, you won’t know whether to kick back on the beach first or go for something more adventurous.

What to Expect from San Blas Islands

Indeed, San Blas offers visitors enough time to enjoy your accommodations or soak up the stunning sun with a drink in hand. Nevertheless, you could also enjoy swimming in the pool or on the beach. You can also go snorkeling to call on the interesting fish living in the coral reefs, or just walk among the traders as the Kuna folks sell their wares of handcrafted items, fish, and coconuts.

The women in the islands are best famous for their lovable fabrics, fashioned with only the boldest and brightest colors and with designs like birds, fish, and other animals, and even geometric patterns too.

The sought-after islands in San Blas Islands are Coco Blanco, Kagantupu, and Achutupu. Feel free to visit any of those islands, as they are only a plane ride away. Or if you want to feel natural and a local, you can ask a Kuna merchant ship to bring you along as they sail from Colón to search your perfect island. The perfect times to visit the San Blas Islands are in April and June when the temperatures are only right, and the sea life is most active; this will make for a truly satisfying diving or snorkeling excursion.

The San Blas Islands provides visitors with a slice of paradise, full of soft sand, crystalline waters, wonderful wildlife, sweet drinks, lively sun and welcoming people. When we talk about searching the ideal vacation, what more could you possibly ask for?

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