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Draw Your Hero Contest

Land of IceDec 15, 2022, 7:23:23 PM

Hello artists of Minds!
If you like to draw fantasy characters, I have a challenge for you :D
The theme will be "draw your hero as a Skyrim NPC".
I will make the best ones into real Skyrim followers to be played in the game, and the winners will get some Minds tokens :D

Don't worry if you are not familiar with the game lore, the important thing is that your character fits one of the Skyrim races: Nord, Imperial, Redguard, Breton, High Elf, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Orc, Argonian or Kahjiit. (You can look them up to get more info).
The character should be your original, not a real person or a character from another game or fictional universe. It could be the one you use for playing Skyrim or any other character that will fit the general aesthetic of the Skyrim world.
You don't have to be 100% lore friendly but don't go too wild either (what I can do with the Racemenu has its limits, so no extra limbs pliz). The depicted characters should be 18+ (meaning adults, not in an NSFW kinda way, but sexy art is accepted, just not fully naked). Male or female is your choice.

You can do as many entries as you like. You can give them a name and a backstory if you want or just do the drawing and leave it to the imagination.
No AI generated art, it must be your own artistic endeavor (I will count the fingers!).
Any technique is welcome, use the tools that best suit your style. 
To get some inspiration, you can look at my mods to have an idea of how the end results in game will be like.

How to enter:
- Post a picture of your drawing on Minds (make a new post for each entry)
- Tag @LandOfIce and add the hashtag #IceHeroContest
- Wait for a reply (I will respond to everyone to confirm the entry is accepted, if you don't get my reply in a couple of days please comment or tag me somewhere until I can see it)
- You are free to share, comment, like and spread the contest far and wide to get more people to vote and partecipate :D

- You can submit until January 31, 2023

Prizes and Jury:
The winners will be decided by the votes of Minds users and a "Jury" that will be made by all the users that will contribute to the token pool. They will have 1 extra voting point for each 5 tokens they add to the prize (this will also help prevent tampering with fake accounts - the Jury of course cannot participate in the contest if they have voting rights - but they can still participate without extra votes).
When the deadline comes I will list all the entries and to vote you'll have to comment "+1" under the drawing you like most (you can vote more than once). 
After a week I will count the users' votes and open a new thread for the jury to give their extra points publicly. The points can go all to one person or be shared among different participants.
I'll vote last to solve any ties or other issues and be sure that I can actually do the NPCs in the game.

Token prizes (amount will change if other people add tokens to the pool):
1st place: 200 tokens
2nd place: 125 tokens
3rd place: 75 tokens
4th place: 40 tokens
5th place: 30 tokens
6th place: 20 tokens
7th place: 10 tokens
8th place: 10 tokens

The first 2 characters (or maybe more) will also become NPCs in Skyrim. 
I will make a mod with them as standalone followers of the player, and post it on my website for everyone to download for free (I won't post on any other modding websites where I don't have control on how the files are treated).
The mod will be compatible with any version of Skyrim Special Edition and Anniversary.
The pictures submitted will remain property of their authors and will only be used to showcase the contest on Minds and my website (landofice.wordpress.com).

The prizes might vary if other people step in to add more tokens to the pool.
I will wire the tokens to the winners as soon as they are announced.

Current Jury/Contributors:
Land of Ice: 50 tokens (10 points)
Bashynx: 50 tokens (10 points)
Spinflight: 10 tokens (2 points)
NSonic79: 300 tokens (opted out from extra vote)
Christopher Montgomery: 20 tokens
Fathergoz: 30 tokens (6 points)
Scotty: 50 tokens (10 points)