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24. NH 03275. Proud Mommy. Pro-antifacebook.

Photographer from that city in SHERLOCK S01E03. All photos are my own. Any sharing, voting and commenting is appreciated So far all but one picture have been taken in my home studio.

Law student. I love nature and I miss my dog. Gamer. Atheist in Norway.

Hey everyone :) My name is Bryhton and i run a channel under the name of Brabadab. My channel focuses on helping those that are having troubles in their life and my goal is to help them. Its unfortunate that some people dont have that one person that they can lean on or count on to help them in their time of need. Thats my goal and mindset to be that person for someone and help them when they need it. And just like i sign off on my channel, i love you all and always be yourself. Want to contact me but im not on here? Never fear :) Facebook: Twitter: @Brabadab Email:[email protected]

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Mar 2016
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