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Darksynth and Synthwave producer

Things getting crazy.

Free Market of Ideas Supporter, I will not block anyone. I support, Remind, Wire and Boost Any Reports - Videos or Blogs on Exposing of Pedo Rings Arrests, Trials or Conventions Nationally & Internationally,. I believe that Pedophilia Crimes should be treated as Crimes Against Humanity. Even Yoshua said, It would be better for someone who hurts a child to have a mill stone tied around their neck and dumped into the sea rather than what is in store for them (paraphrased). I am a registered Republican with heavy Libertarian Ideas. I believe that government is parasitic and must be small for our safety. I am Christian, a follower of the Way and member of the Anglican Communion. I question the historicity of Islam and it's purported revelations on it's veracity alone. I support Kekistan Independence. I support freedom from Communism, Socialism or Fascism replacement with representative democracy, rule of law by independent judiciary, free independent journalism and the free exercise of all religions. I believe that international trade should be ranked in relation to the type of government they have with depots at the bottom (no trade) with increased tariffs on dictatorships, communist or repressive socialist [Venezuela or Sweden], diminishing tariffs on constitutional monarchies, representative democracy or republics based on their treatment of their citizens. I support Americana and investigative Citizen Reporting no matter the source. Truth is the imperative. I am genetically Latin with Irish overtones having family names from both parents that are tied to Mexico (Nueva Espa帽a) and New Mexico and have ties to Mescalaro Apache with family ties to the Philippines as well. I have good ties to expat Vietnamese community. Born and Raised in Los Angeles California, educated in the public schools, college grad but have learned more since graduating. I am MGTOW but married with three adult children; two sons and a daughter. I desire that they have a future worth living defend and pass on to their children. I despise the NWO and any NGO that is tied into that malignant ideology. Soros and Clintons should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity for the deaths and destruction they have brought world wide. I also think that those in or were part of the US government that also have brought death and destruction should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity, ie. G.W. Bush and R. Chaney. I think that Crypo Currency will be the direction economies will need to use along with gold and silver. I think an alternative for currency would be to monetize energy production by any means based on the amount of energy necessary for a food crop to grow compared to that amount of energy used in the production of X amount of gold. I don't believe in human generated Climate Change or Global Warming. I do believe that we are governed by Solar Cycles combined with Tectonic movement and Volcanic activity. We are in a Grand Solar Minimum for the next 12 to 15 years meaning the globe will be getting cooler. I like art and music from antiquity to jazz, from cave art to computer generated work. I like animals and nature, good food and drink. Believe that self health care is the first step before big pharma. I admire Japanese wood working tech, Bonzi gardening and stone modifying. I admire craftsmanship in steel and bronze.

There are many items of interest on this Feed. Audio Books,Movies,Prayers,Health advice,News,Music,Word Definitions and much more.Why did David take five stones to fight Goliath? Goliath had four brothers. Always go prepared and keep learning and asking questions. You are needed and wanted for the Present and Future! Started a Movies! Group,check groups page! Thanks! "Learning more and more. Loads the head like a gun." Quote from @kibls poem! "It sucks to see a daydream evaporate into a waste of Time". 123ProverbMonkey Have our Dimensions been stolen from us? Something to think about. @123ProverbMonkey "When you only have one Teacher,you learn everything they teach,including their weaknesses.Better you learn from many teachers." @123ProverbMonkey "Electricity is called power, power lead, power outlet, power outage... Vatican + London + Washington DC = The elect-tri-city... (DC = direct current?)" Something to think about. #words #truth #electronic #quotes #Minds

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I am an inventor, author, blogger, Dream interpreter, researcher, teacher and most of all student of all things. I am a proud introvert, and often too edgy. I've been accused of being stupid, but never being closed minded; I always try to learn something new every day and like a true explorer I always share the most fascinating things I discover, everything I post will likely make you do a double-take if it doesn't just blow your mind, I focus my research on the subconscious mind to explore the deeper components to life.... click subscribe and let's go on an adventure together. I focus my posts on the most interesting and fascinating facts and misconceptions we have in society. My goal is to learn and share something new and interesting every day. [email protected] Welcome To Zero Debt Coach! The blog is aimed at helping you eliminate debt and to charting a path to financial independence. You'll find the strategies, tactics and resources I used to eliminate $43,000 in debt in just 2.5 years! To view the full blogposts you see in the feed on the right, you can either click on the image in the feed or head over to: for the full blog experience. If you find the information helpful to you in your journey, you can subscribe to the blog and get our free PDF guide, "8 Steps To Erase Debt" by going here: These 8 steps are the foundation that I and millions of others have used to totally eliminate our debt, for good!


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Ibiza / Night City
Jan 2019
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