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Don't #subscribe simply out of fun, curiosity or some business interest. Don't do that. And be a sport to read this to the end first, it's not that long. So, I'm disposing of channels that are subscribed to me and that I haven't heard of for 4-5 weeks just like that. I'm removing channels that are dicks while typing back too, so don't think it's fashionable thing (if we can't play nice, we won't be playing at all). Such #deadweight makes me pretty nervous and distracted - I don't need that anywhere in my life. A simple comment / remind / voteup.. here and there will do just fine - we don't have to be best friends forever but some organic interaction still is required of all involved. It's not you, it's me. Of #tokens and coins I don't care that much so I have no other interest in you. There are other ways to show your support for a channel that are not as intrusive and unconventional, and I think I'd even turn that feature off all together if that was available. Don't down-vote me and just leave without explaining a little why is so - I don't have time for infantile muppets. In addition, #channels of beauty-models; crypto-brokers; anonymous and boots of sort don't have pass in here by default - no, sirr-e! I'm sure that most of you are just decent folks and someone to have a beer with in real life. But this is not real life anymore. It's not like that for some time now. Thank you for understanding!
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Mar 2018
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