a little girl 馃崙

I'm Kaede. I'm a vampire and I'm 9. I have an affinity for darkness and blood. I like pikes.

Hello, welcome. I like to draw futuristic environments, characters and much more. I love to talk about NFTs, DeFi, cryptocurrencies and how they are changing our lives. DM's are open to chat about anything. Commissions are open! I can animate and draw things that don't exist yet. Feel free to remind my art or send me MINDS tokens! I'm trying to buy lifetime minds+. Please help me reach my goal. All donations are greatly appreciated!! 馃檹


- - - - - - - - I will be updating this bio further soon. ;) - - - - - - - - What should I say? Well I guess the first thing to know about me would be the fact that I am ... Second thing is that I am ... Of course with the above said, the third fact about me is that I am ... Lastly, I am horrendously terrible for not finishing ... - - - - - - - - Ok, fun's over for the moment. ;) - - - - - - - - I am a Neutral in all matters. I'll explain more on why another time though. - - - - - - - - I appreciate Life, and all that is Beautiful & Artistic, no matter the Art form. Since first using BitChute, Gab & Minds (I used no other social site before then.) I have found a few Artists with skills & talents well worthy of mention to others. Of course to some folk these Artists may not be their cup of tea as it were, that's ok, everyone has many ideas of what Art is, and how that Art should & shouldn't be seen. I look at all Art in all forms with an open mind, unfiltered by pre-conceived ideas, thus seeing the Art with clear eyes. Enough of Art for now. ;D - - - - - - - - I also appreciate Humour in much the same way as I do Art, although it does have to be one important thing, ... funny. :D - - - - - - - - ? - - - - - - - -

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Jun 2018
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