Just an average frog looking for interesting content and a safe haven, where I can interact with brethren, Kekistani and others alike. I love to draw sketches :) 馃惛 Praise Kek! Shadilay LTC wallet: Lb5n5LGrGmfdbHNGW3UG93qiQ8g82pBEsW ETH wallet: 0x90BB0A887B8b47E4c0A20b901e66ce46E8B17B6d BTC wallet: 1Ptj6vwwNJHoP4raQb3PMDZVgPvav2R4y6

Dedicated to exploring the intersection of oppression, identity, and the subjugation of the Ethno-Kekistani peoples at the hands of Cuckistani agitators.

Give me keks or give me death! -Patrick Kekery

A meme is not a weapon to be wielded, but a treasure to be shared. Free speech extremist. Radical alt-Liberalist. Xe/Xim/Xis. In sh膩示da ll膩y.

It's all about choice.. As long as we are given the illusion of choice we think we are free.. and at that point we will accept just about anything. The reality is.. We were all born into bondage. We live in a prison.. A prison for our minds..a prison we can't touch or see. Only when we realize this truth will we begin the journey to true freedom.

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Magog hails from the Kingdom of Morskar, in the land of Vothom. He is a wizard and necromancer. He has used forbidden magic to open a window into our world and is seeing it for the first time. Needless to say, he's shocked at what he has found. Join Magog on his journey through our realm and watch him slip slowly into madness... YouTube Channel: **This is a comedy and critique channel. The views expressed herein are for satire and comedic purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the creator. **

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May 2017
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