I am a 19 year old College Freshman who has no strong beliefs. I am constantly in the pursuit of truth in an age of biased information. I enjoy the company of others but I'm socially inept. I enjoy hiking, camping, and traveling. One of the best momments in my life was HS graduation. My avatar is a personal picture of the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

I feel that is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.

I am Ellie Taylor . I love to gossip With my triends

Here lives Kyononnon...a cute red haired girl with boobs...

I play guitar and sing. I also love shitposts. The internet is an amazing place.

Working stiff making cartoons on the side a poet and a M.G.T.O.W all of my videos are on Vidme @JeffStrike if you want to see them all in one place. Pinterest link also https://www.pinterest.com/jessstrike901/ I use a fake name but that is par for the course.

Memes... Im here to inform people And other stuff. Also for the lulz.

Conspiracies,bizarre history,cover-ups,and more.

Nov 2016
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