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Feng Shui’s Role in Wealth Potential by Kartar Diamond Let’s start out by acknowledging that the natural phenomenon of Feng Shui has been with us always (like gravity), since it is a part of nature and how the environment responds to itself in very predictable ways. The repeating cycles of the four seasons is just one of countless examples. How then does the practice of Feng Shui manage to control or manipulate a man-made construct such as money? Aside from the fact that “wealth” is a relative and subjective experience, most feng shui consultants are asked to help people increase their income more than any other request, compared to advice related to health or relationship matters. How is it that the trickle-down effect of changing one’s physical surroundings can then translate to an increase in income or a career boost for the person living or working in that area? This is actually a profound, existentialist question to ponder, especially since money as we know it in current times is an illusion that the whole world has bought into and participates in this illusion in order to obtain real tangible goods like food, shelter, clothing and transportation. And then we need money also to enjoy the more intangibles of life such as art and entertainment. What were the original Feng Shui masters thinking when they made their discoveries and correlations between a certain type of environment and whether or not it had any real association with garnering riches or financial success? Is money just a manifestation of conquering some form of insecurity or alienation? Is it an expression of love between a human and their planet, whereby things flow smoothly enough or in great bounty so that a human then has more leisure time to contemplate God? Or conversely, why does making money tend to create more of an obsession with it? Why is it that people need money, but the rest of nature does not? If I handed a dollar bill to my dog Nutmeg, she would play with it and then eat it. That said, some animals can be trained to understand the abstract nature of money. I read an article many years ago about a test group of monkeys who were trained to trade a coin token to get their food. It was a fascinating study on monkey behavior in regards to stealing, budgeting, gambling, and even witnessing the monkeys engage in prostitution with their money tokens! They quickly grasped the abstract concept of money and started doing very “human” things with it. It is safe to say that from the cosmological sense of Yin and Yang and the laws of attraction, that money and wealth are the result of opportunities. And these are opportunities which can be taken advantage of in a myriad of ways. Most people are just looking for a Top Ten To-Do List since pop culture Feng Shui is usually stripped down for mass consumption, without much introspection on any theory behind it or what the real sustaining goal might be. I can’t dole out a simple Top-Ten-To-Do List because each house is unique and circumstances also change over time. Wealth “cures” and “remedies” are not guaranteed to deliver a suitcase of cash to one’s door. Rather, they set in motion more opportunities within the laws of attraction. They open up lines of communication and thought and projection. But unlike using the mind as the only tool for attracting or repelling, Feng Shui uses time, space and understanding pole magnetism as additional mediums for getting what we want and need. Author: Kartar Diamond Company: Feng Shui Solutions (R) From the Income, Money Matters and Career Blog Series
http://fengshuisolutions.net/feng-shui-used-corporate-environment/ Feng Shui principles can apply to both residential and commercial properties. The work or corporate environment presents unique challenges compared to a home. Different recommendations will be made for an inherently "yang" environment.
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