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Messiah — Our Saviour

JudeoChristianDec 27, 2018, 11:47:09 PM

The Authentic Gospel

Perhaps Handel would be surprised to know that though many people have heard his ‘Messiah’ oratorio, many do not read the scriptures. In fact in today’s German household only 50% have a bible, and only 6% read them. Of church-goers, only 7% of Catholics, and 6% of Protestants read the scriptures. So it is no wonder that they do not understand the message of the ‘Messiah.’ Though they set up their nativity scenes at Christmas, they don’t believe the Angelic messengers who heralded the coming of the Messiah. They do not know who the Saviour is, nor the nature of his mission — to save us from death.

Why We Need a Saviour

Eye-witnesses testified to the fact that Jesus was the Messiah — the anointed one. Jesus, the Christ, the Word who became flesh was born into the world to become the Deliverer. Though he had lived “from eternity” he came to earth as a man for the purpose of saving his people. But what was he saving us from? He came to give us life and a future … to save us from death. Why? Ezekiel the prophet had made it clear that the soul, the person, who sinned would die. There was no eternity of life after death, no immortal soul, no existence beyond the grave. The only hope was in the Messiah. He alone could preserve our ‘soul,’ our unique personality. The Messiah alone is the life-giver. He is the only one who is able to save and resurrect those who trust in his name. He has the power and the authority from the Father to do so.

Jesus — Lord our Healer

The Messiah is the only one who has power to take or give life. He is the “Lord,’ the Kurios, our master who offers peace on earth, to those who have his favour and serve him. In his first century ministry he healed the blind, deaf, and lame, as a foretaste of the future. When he returns as Lord of Lords he will come to restore the earth, to heal his people, and give spiritual rest and peace to humanity. The authentic gospel of Messiah our Saviour – gives our life purpose and hope.

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