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Living with Integrity

JudeoChristianApr 22, 2021, 2:07:02 PM

There are Consequences

From Genesis to Revelation there is a powerful theme of “reaping what we have sown.” David reflected in the Psalms on God’s faithfulness to the faithful, and his abasement of the proud. Mathew wrote of the Son of Man coming to reward everyone according to their works. And John reiterated this theme in the last chapters of Revelation. There will be a time of judgment when we will receive “payment” for what we have done — good or bad. But, we can take hope in the knowledge that God is “tamim” to those who are “tamim.” What does this mean?

God our Rock is “Tamim”

Tamim, is a Hebrew word that is perhaps best translated by our modern word ‘integrity’: just, faithful, upright, consistent, undefiled, blameless, complete. Often we think in terms of a ‘lack of integrity,’ as when the bridge that “looked good” failed because the steel or concrete lacked integrity when put under stress! Moses claims that the Lord God is our Rock and his work is perfect — tamim. He is wholly righteous and faithful and consistently so. God has integrity! And, God’s desire is to be in fellowship with people who are also ‘tamim.’ Noah was such a person, living with integrity in the midst of a very corrupt society. He was blameless before God. Noah walked with God in integrity, and brought God’s light to a dark age. Christians, grafted into the family of Abraham by covenant, are called to walk as Abraham and Noah did — living with integrity.

Integrity from the Inside Out

In a society that is straying from God’s standards of righteousness, having integrity is not easy. But if we are to live with God, we must have pure hearts and clean hands. We must be a godly person from the inside out. This is integrity. But we do not do this on our own. God promises the power of his Spirit to create within us the longing and the ability to live a life of integrity. This life of innocence, and moral courage is our calling. So, like Noah, we may be beacons of faithfulness standing in the gap in our generation. Living with integrity is a choice we must make daily if we hope to see the King in his glory at his return.

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