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Choose A Motorhome Battery

JonesStephenJul 4, 2018, 10:21:16 AM

Today, there are so many camper battery models that are hard to choose. Each of these batteries has its own specificities , it is then enough to see the one that corresponds most to our criterion of choice. It can be performance, quality or budget. As well as to avoid inconvenience, it is necessary to look into this question because the battery is an essential part of the camper.

Energy autonomy is surely the main concern when we go on a motorhome. Indeed, in addition to the starter battery, motorhomes are equipped with at least one auxiliary battery also called cell battery or service battery. Often double for more autonomy, these batteries are the heart of a complex electrical system for your comfort on board. But then what are the different technologies of auxiliary batteries for camper?

Liquid acid battery for camper

In spite of its very advantageous price and the fact that it is declined in many dimensions, this technology, which requires maintenance (very frequent refills and for certain level of water to be completed), reaches very quickly its number of maximum cycles and, therefore, has a limited life.

The battery AGM or battery Gel for motorhome

These are two different types of technologies that have the advantage of not requiring any maintenance, except to charge them from time to time during winter camping . These sealed batteries (no more sagging possible) can be a little bulky, but can lodge lying in dedicated slots. Special mention to the Gel battery that has unsurpassed performance in cold weather!

Lithium battery for motorhome

n the last 2 years, the world of motorhomes is experiencing a small technological revolution with the emergence of the Lithium battery.

This type of battery of unprecedented energy efficiency, has a real ability to deliver a linear intensity and for a quantity of cycles 10 to 20 times greater than a standard battery.

Due to its novelty and performance, lithium can be a heavy investment at first, but it can push the limits of the total autonomy that many camper hunters seek. With a record charge time (between 1 hour and 3 hours), your Lithium battery allows, oh great happiness, finally the regular use and in all seasons 220 volts devices like at home. Comfort on the road becomes accessible to all and for many years.

For optimal performance, it is important to choose your battery in a logic of equilibrium between what the equipment of the camper can provide energy and your daily consumption.

To accompany you and ensure that the energy you consume is in line with the power of the batteries and the energy production capacity of your motorhome, Narbonne Accessories offers, exclusively in all of its stores and by phone, to establish with you an Energy balance.

You must know that before deciding which battery we will use for our motorhome, we must first check if the camper does not have a model that is already specific. Otherwise, we have the freedom to choose the type of battery that suits us. Once we have been able to choose the battery for our camper, the big work remains to be done because we must ensure that this battery remains efficient and does not damage our caravan.