Jihad Countermeasures
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Educating the Kafir (non-Muslim) about what a Muslim is so that we can remove them from our societies. Importing Muslims into the United States is analogous to building a big beautiful house out of wood and then releasing a million termites 🐜 into the middle of the living room. Islam is a ruthless program designed to replace everything that is not Islamic. Learn about Muslims here. 🔽 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrYwJUIS7vPV8ho77P9UNak_hCsIyzMMv Let`s do whatever it takes to make Muslims disappear from our countries so that our grandchildren have a future worth living for. When I am booted from Minds.com you can find me on https://gab.ai/Jihad_Countermeasures or https://www.bitchute.com/channel/jihad_countermeasures/ If anyone wants to help me financially, here is my BTC address, but Minds Tokens are appreciated as well. BTC ⏬ 1BDfbXwceUDeYMDoSsar1jogqTtd1oSXbc 🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗 If you want to use a mobile version of "Minds" for your phone, do not use the heavily censored version that can be downloaded from "Google Play". Use the "Minds" app from their own link. Here it is: https://www.minds.com/mobile Ѭ