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How I Slow Down the Muslims from taking over Non-Muslim countries.

Jihad CountermeasuresOct 31, 2018, 12:07:50 PM


💥💥 Considering non-Muslims, sue any person, group, business, or organization that defends or supports Muslims in any way. Avoid the violent targeting of Muslims until there is enough popular support to have them removed in mass; otherwise, the Muslims will take advantage of the illusion of victimhood which will be used against us effectively!!  i. e. , the Left/democrats and the ignorant of Islam will ally more strongly with the Muslims against us. They will push more aggressively to ban guns and free speech. So, I repeat, target those non-Muslims that support Islam first!! Pay attention to what the politicians say and make a list of their names and addresses. If the muslim population reaches 10% in your country, a full  widespread kinetic response becomes the last way to remove the muslims. Do not allow the muslims to reach a 10% population because there will be much sorrow once the kinetic response begins.

💥 As a member of any jury in a court case where a Muslim is on trial for anything, I will always find the Muslim guilty. In any court case where any non-Muslim is charged with murder or just about anything else, for killing or doing anything negative towards a Muslim, I will find the non-Muslim not-guilty; 

Look up "Jury-Nullification".

💥 Avoid buying any product from a Muslim country 

💥 Avoid buying anything considered halal

💥 Reduced the taxes being paid by 90% to Muslim helper governments 

💥 Educate the Kafir (non-Muslim) about what a Muslim is and advocate for their removal 

💥 Help social media members that are on the Kafir`s side of things 

💥 Train my children in self defense & offense & all about Muslims 

💥 My business denies service to Muslims 

💥 I will not hire any Muslim at the company that I own 

💥 Do not work for them or help them unless it is a specific mission to collect data so that you can do harm to them.

💥 Never vote for a democrat or anyone that supports Muslims 

💥 Reward customers that ally with me against Muslims

💥 Reward my most helpful Minds team members with Tokens

💥 Idea from @brilast

"Try this for fun, AND it stops telemarketers too. Tell everyone to try this...when a telemarketer calls, I start talking about islam. I keep it SIMPLE and stone wall them, do not enter a debate! Say, "the prophet muhammad was a gay child molester”. He married a 6 year old when he was 53, and had sex with her when she was 9! And a vid by ACTS17APOLOGETICS explains that in the HADITH that he "sucked on his own grandsons tongue. I say that he was brain damaged from the epilepsy and that he must be a whore and a prostitute looking for attention! (That IS ok according to a muslim in an ACT17APOLOGETICS vid who was trying to insult David Wood) They are scam calls, mainly run and staffed with muslims. Even if the caller is not a muslim, maybe a person will learn something about islam or just go away. After a few of those calls, they stop calling because they do not want to take the chance a muslim will leave islam! Plus it's fun!"

💥 I suggest that each of us spend at least 5 mins a day identifying the lying muslims that post on social media and flag them. I do this already myself. It is not hard to find plenty of lies and deception by muslims on social media. Shut their channels down, because their lies work against us. Report and flag as many muslims and muslim helpers as you can when they lie and deceive on social media. Let me know if you spot one of them and I will look at their post too.

💥 Speak to your friends about the threat that the muslims pose to us. Explain the importance of having islam prohibited in America and why all muslims must be converted out of islam or expelled. Use facts and be truthful in all cases.

💥 If any business bows to islam, have a line of crusaders enter the business one at a time on different days and say that you want a product that the business quit selling because they bowed to islam. Do not tell them why you want this product; keep this a secret. When they say that they do not have it anymore, just walk out without saying a word.

🐷 We need to try the pig method a few times to see if this will work consistently to prevent muslims from building their command and training centers and weapons depots (mosques). So, randomly scatter and bury pig parts on a muslim building site before anything is built and see if the muslims will reverse their decision to use the site.

💥 Whenever a re-supply of food is needed for our troops in the battle against Muslims, always include a substantial airdrop of bacon and salted pork. 🐖

💥 Whenever shopping for meat at the food store, always pick up a large package of pork and read the label on the package while you walk to the halal section, and when you decide that you really don`t want pork for dinner after all, just leave the package in the halal section. 🐖

💥 Send emails and snail mails to your State and federal representatives stating that you want all moslems expelled.

🥓  #expelallmuslims and #sueallmoslemhelpers before it becomes #killallmoslems and #killallmoslemhelpers