I am an enigma. A contradiction in terms. I am two extremes who've met in the middle, and split apart. I am the calm before my storm. I am my own best friend, and my own worst enemy. I am my own healer, and also my own personal hell. Only I can make me, or break me. I am the wizened crone, in the mind of the maiden. I am a brilliant star in a dark universe. I am a comedian in a world that hates to laugh. I am the caring nurse that forgets self care. I am the prophet who sees the future in the past. I am the voice of words already spoken. I am the poet of things yet thought. I smile through tears.. I cry with joy. I fix all the others while falling apart. I am everything no one else is, was, or ever will be. Wore out and broken, but built better every day. I am the student teacher..I am here to learn what I already know and teach what I'm learning. I am an enigma. But then, so are you.
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Its me gang no worries! I can't find my key to transfer tokens. Thus I need to start again from stage one. Wish me luck!✌😎✌ #LiveWithLove #PeaceBeWithYou @MissKitty22 @Jeffwilliams16 #SmileBecauseYouCan

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You need to believe in things that aren't true. How else can they become? - Terry Pratchett (Discworld) YOUTUBE - QueenOfObscurePairings DEVIANTART - QueenObscurePairings

Greetings. I am Jared. I am not a political commentator nor a content creator. I am just an old school geek who started this to post ideas for campaigns and characters. Feel free to interact with me as you see fit, I am almost impossible to offend.

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On this channel I'm dragon[email protected], mindsblogging the news since 2016. On @GailMcGowanMellor, under my own name, I'm writing an unauthorized history of Minds as it unfolds. An investigative reporter with a Pulitzer'nomination (rare for an independent), a medical writer (who founded a cooperative medical writing company with clients on three continents), and teacher (I taught in high school and college and was an early coordinator in the un-schooling movement), I've been a political activist since the early 1960s, because "inactive citizen" is an oxymoron. On a computer since 1977, I've been on the web since it was born in 1989. With courageous, adventurous children out changing the world, having just helped raise a grandson, with my husband aka best friend, I founded a small community in an improbable oasis that we're working to save in the midst of a metro area. There, the guy I love creates anything that I can imagine, and I grow things and write... Channel Policy: Doxxers and spammers -- including thread hijackers endlessly bleating about unrelated pet projects or hatreds -- are at minimum boring. Bug out. All others: thank you so much for being here. Documented disagreement is terrific. So are discoveries. So is laughter....

This channel is dedicated to Bull Terriers, the most loving dogs you can find. I have 2 Bull Terrier companions, Leja & Enzo and they truly light up my life. Subscribe for photos, videos and information on Bull Terriers.

Inspired by nature and the subconscious. Seeking Truth. Always evolving.

Equal parts nature photographer, baby commie, and shitposter. No racism, sexism, transphobIa, homophobia, beIng a pIece of shit. ❤️

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