James Pawson


A political philosopher currently in self-imposed exile in northern Ontario, Canada: https://www.youtube.com/jamespawson
Justin Trudeau has made Canada into a de facto libtard-SJW nation state-- it makes me want to retch, especially since us Canadian conservatives (narrowly) lost the last election to his party of foreign agents, globalists, Soros puppets, and virtue signaling morons. A change needs to come-- and I think Dr. Leslyn Lewis is just what we need; she has what it takes to unite the progressive conservative and social conservative factions (but not the outright bigots... to hell with them) to bring the Canadian Right the victory it needs. This will be the first of many videos I do about Dr. Lewis in the coming weeks. Please subscribe and share! https://youtu.be/YXG0gW4bHwA
Communism is a dehumanizing ideology; necessarily, as it denies the realities of the human condition. Thus there are DIRECT links between communism and why this potential pandemic exists, and why it is a real looming threat. I am sorry if it annoys people, my trying to cram an understanding of another history/culture down your throat-- but we need to take a critical approach to these things in order to understand what gave rise to this potential pandemic. Yes, perhaps I have a personal stake in this, given my background; but given the way things are, that personal stake extends to all Westerners, anymore. Please check out my latest; and please like, share, and subscribe if you find it interesting. https://youtu.be/Zqq4yQK6A0k #coronavirus #pandemic #china
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