Jacob Matthew Dix
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Multimedia, multi-genre artist for over 30 years.
location_onStockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden

I'm an amateur photographer based in Portugal. Black and whites, nature, skies and decay is what I like to work with. Cheers!

Stoic & New Deal Progressive IND Berniecrat Leftist Analytical Thinker Logic/Reason/Objectivity/Truth/Science > Rationalizations/Subjectivity/Lies/Dogma To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. https://medium.com/@AntyalT

Contents may settle during transit. The banner image? Oh. That's a partial eclipse at the back there, taken in the UK on 20 March 2015. Science is cool. The flag is that of the UK, once a land of free speech, of rights, and of responsibilities (less so nowadays). The guitar gives away that I am a Christian, a guitarist, and perhaps not completely averse to messing about with computer graphics. Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? I try for all three, but two out of three ain't bad.

Geeky Girls For Bernie!! I am a former IT gal and web developer who is sad at the state of our world and all of the pain being endured by billions of people on this planet while our politicians, except Bernie's Sanders, stand idly by. I will be sharing information here that will help empower all humans to stand up for a revolution against aristocracy, plutocracy and oligarchy.

Kei Markov. multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and librarian.

sharing my original artworks.. artist/designer spreading the love :) and other things!

I am Lucy Boynton. I am 27 years old works for the tech support company based in the United Kingdom. My work with the company is to deal with the HP Printer Support, Apple Support Number, BT Yahoo Support and help them in troubleshoot the issue. I offer All in technical support to the customer to resolve the issue they facing instantly. Some of the services that offer to the customer are setup, HP Printer, Apple and BT yahoo Software error resolving, and any other technical help. I also love doing the photography and every weekend I visits various forest for wildlife photography. For more details: http://www.pcworldtech.com/apple-support.html

Art director/photographer shooting landscape, nightscape and storm photography

What's with the table of cheesy icons?? It's a component of my book Info Flood: Lost in Disinformation. Check it out!

Live freely and allow others to do the same.

Love black and white photography. Will be posting pictures of beautiful and hot women done tastefully.

Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
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Mar 2018
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