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Advice for entrepreneurs from an outsiders perspective. Helping start-ups & small business owners looking to scale-up or launch new products and services. Who are you & how can you help? I'm Issac Hopkins, an award-winning content creator & copywriter who's focused on translating what you "mean", into a message that connects with your customers & converts like crazy. Dealing with how to take the headache out of audience attention, through landing-page copy or email touch-points that get you a conversion rate you can be proud of. It's all done through a process that results in a unique strategy for your brand, a website review, plus 5 other guided services designed to help you gain a competitive advantage. This system has proven successful for solo-preneurs, six figure businesses & devoted institutions. “ROI” that gets you real compound interest This is because the best return on your investment comes from direct-response marketing. Imagine, for every $1 you spend, you can expect an average return of $37. How do I know this will work for me? Feel confident knowing that if I don't generate revenue for you on the first try, I'll make adjustments until I do, at no extra charge. Go to, on the home-page, scroll down & click on the “Schedule a call” button to lock-in your free consultation now. I recommend scheduling your call or consultation around one month in advance, because I only work with a limited amount of people per month. I look forward to meeting you and together, we'll dial-in how to talk to your customers so they’ll listen & buy.
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