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INFINITE PLANE SOCIETYJan 18, 2021, 9:19:22 PM

The Flat Earth Question is not inherently unscientific. The reason people think Flat Earth violates science is that it goes against the accepted dogmas of Scientism. 

The questions leads to abandoning belief in the false explanations proffered by Establishment Science,  which masquerades as non-ideological objective science. Non-belief in a false explanation isn't the same thing as automatically accepting its opposite. Questioning the rotundity of the Earth does not imply a flat disc floating in empty space. 

The Flat Earth Question is asked because we don't have the information we need to describe what the world is outside of the areas represented on the globe.  Those that accept the globe on faith don't have any questions and mockingly ask "what's at the edge?", when a more appropriate question would be, is there one? 

Assuming an edge, a boundary, or a perimeter without firsthand knowledge, taking others' word for it, is the basis for Plato's Allegory of the Cave and for movies such as The Matrix, The Truman Show, The Villiage, Room, and many others. 

The Flat Earth Question is not merely about the shape of the world. Doubting the sphericity is doubting the manner in which matter is organized in the universe. Is the "world" separate from the "universe"? We all know that a "flat disc" in space, such as the one generally used to represent this idea, is an impossibility. Nobody posits that we live on a disc in space. The existence of "outer space" is contradicted if there is no edge, if our world is not a finite object in a mostly empty universe. 

If the Earth is not a ball in space, then "the universe" is a continuation of the world, and it does not end where the globe model says. The Flat Earth Question does not assume an edge or "wall of ice" or a "dome". Assuming the existence of an edge based on second-hand descriptions and manipulatable images rather than not primary observation is the same as assuming we live on a finite ball.

The Flat Earth Question is a direct challenge to the Priesthood of Scientism. These promulgators of superstitious dread and cultish beliefs about invisible threats have brought the world to its knees simply by suggesting that your neighbor, your spouse, your mailman is the greatest threat to your existence. 

The Pandemic was/is actually a Mass Hysteria.

Today, a scientist can tell a President that the greatest threat to humanity is a meteor from a trillion miles away and that we all need to pay our fair share of a system for deflecting or stopping the next great extinction event. Of course, the President will take the scientist's word for truth and pass it on to the taxpayer as fact. 

Fear is a powerful motivator and the Globe Enforcers use smoke, mirrors, booming voices, and illusions to build up their power and bolster their claims to supernatural power just like  The Wizard of Oz. 

Behind the curtain, behind truth’s protective layers, these so-called elite are puppeteering the masses with primal fears to generate predictable responses arising from the population's perception of danger. 

The Ball Earth is fragile, small, suspended in nothingness, isolated, and hostage to the universe's indifference to man. On it, man is alone, surrounded by darkness without and within. The priests offer light, knowledge, comforting explanations--with strings attached. Puppet strings. "Flat Earthers", "conspiracy theorists", "radical skeptics" are just labels applied to those who choose to cut those strings.