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InfinitePlaneSocietyJun 21, 2019, 10:01:36 PM

Here is a typical occult ritual performed in pubic over a period of time. What links the following together is a timeless script played out according to the solar calendar and its festivals at the major quadrants of the year. 

So follow me if you will though a storyline beginning on a lunar eclipse in 2010. It was the winter solstice, traditional birthday for the sun god in all his iterations. This was the day that Nipsey Hussle released The Marathon. 

The Marathon is a reference, as you will see, to the journey of the SUN from birth to death to rebirth, as it cycles above marking the passing of time. His death, on March 31, 2019, the astronomical Easter, occurred in his 33rd year. 

The news of his death was reported by TMZ and had all the trappings of a staged, simulated death, as it was full of mystical and occult overtones. (TMZ, or Tammuz, is the Babylonian sun god, born on the winter solstice). 

Immediate characterizations of the rapper painted him up as Christ-like, including his childhood friend  and fellow rapper Daylyt, who said Nipsey was literally "Jesus Christ." 

According to reports, he was about to meet the chief of police in Las Angeles to discuss bringing peace between the Crips and the Bloods. Rumors circulated that his death was a hit to stop him from pubicizing Dr. Sebi, who purportedly had a cure for AIDS, blindness, and cancer. 

He was described as an enreprenuer and a "god" by his fans at his death scene, a benefactor to the community. So curing disease, brining peace, and curing disease, and dying at 33: all very Christ-like.

He carried his son Kross as he walked to the spot where he was shot between two other gangsters. Like Jesus carring a cross and being crucified between two thieves, Nipsey was killed. 

His death was forshadowed in his own lyrics, videos, and in the photoshoot from GQ shortly before his Easter death. (March 31, 2019 was the actual Easter, astronomically speaking). Roddi Rich's song "Die Young" features Nipsey Hussle's face at 1:33 in the video, which is filmed in a cemetery. (1:33 and the reverse 3/31) stand out as a repeated pattern throughout this event and the surrounding events. 

The death and funeral of Nipsey Hussle was part of the mass public ritual, as he was reinacting the sun god, killed at 33 years of age. Nipsey himself plays the role of the sun, and his "Marathon" is the suns journey. 

His funeral procession was the length of a marathon during which Lauren London, playing the role of the goddess in mourning, threw cash out the window of the hearse. This corresponded to the upcoming London Marathon, sponsored by Virgin Money. During the procession, Nipsey's mother said "our engine is on fire, burning but not destroyed," an enigmatic statment which figures into the production later.

The next part of the ritual celebration of Ishtar/ Easter occurs when Notre Dame burns. It starts with the death of the sun god, during which he is ritually dismembered--specifically his phallus is severed and lost. This represents the sun losing the battle against night. 

Before the sun can come back and defeat the night he has to be reborn and put back together. His dismemberment at the hands of the god of death is played out in many movies, films, and in literature. Darth Vadar chopping of Luke Skywalkers hand is the astrotheological re-enactment of the sun god in death, ruler of the "dark side" severing the sun god's phallus, in this case, luke's Light Saber hand.  Luke falls and hangs in cloud city before being rescured and put back together. 

The rites of Ishtar, as performed in 2019, involved the sun god's death followed by the burning of the cathedral in Notre Dame. As the cathedral burned, it's steeple fell. The steeple is an oblelisk and represents the same sun god in his eternal myth. The steeple fell at sunset. This was theatre. The cross shaped edifice burned even as the Crown of Thorns was rescued. This crown was said to be the actual one worn by christ. Nipsey was, at this time, being prsented with a crown of thorns all over social media.

The International Space Station, the ISS, observed the cathedral from above and remarked that three beehives on the roof survived the fire. "Burning but not destroyed" comes to mind here as this was seen as a miracle. In reality, the whle thing is scripted. During the fire, a man in Knights Templar armor was spotted on the tower. This is consistent with the story of the cathereal financiers, the Templars, who were burned at the stake but survived as an underground order symbolized by the beehive. 

Following this event was a 33 year old man burning in front of the White House (also filmed by TMZ). Oddly enough, this was 33 years since the last time someone set themselves on fire in front of the White House.  Also worth noting is this is the 33r year since the Challenger explosion, which seems to be reflected the the Dark Phoenix movie poster from the X-MEN series, where it shows a space shuttle in flames.

On the Summer Solstice, Phoenix Arizona, on the 33rd parallel burns and is partially evaculated. At this same time, there is a phoenix seen in the aurora borielis, observed from a Russian military base, and finally, after 33 years, an unreleased track by Freddy Mercury surfaces, just as the planet Mercury reveals itself alongside the summer solstice sun. 

Mercury is the god of marathons, theves,  and merchants. He's a runner who relays messages, as with the marathon runners, and what he passes is a torch, the flame, the eternal flame. This being the meaning of "The Marathon Must Continue" which was uttered by the family throughout this production.

 PHOENICIAN PURPLE,  Rites of Easter, burning cathedral

Falling of Steeple, Crown of Thorns --ISIS 2016 WHITE WIDOW "ISIS" ---Masons Widows Sons-- Templar  Bee Hives 60 60 60   60 mins, 660 acres burned

Death of Christ Nipsey, Mourning of Isis "Laren London"

Fall of Babylon/ Temple/ ISS / ISIS  TOWER OF BABEL

DARK PHOENIX---BURNING MAN in front of WH, TMZ 33 yo  USA shirt USA= Babylon ----- Cathedral OUR LADY BABLYON  --  TEMPLAR -- masons  Beehives illuminati templar --

ISS fall------------- SOLAR Mar 31 ---