Theoretical Ideology: I stand for a Systematic Synesthesia Explanation: A System that has fused everything together from all the other Systems in one new System by the usage of Technocracy and Science; providing all the needed Technology such as AI and Machines to overtake the work of Humans and set us free from the Ancient System of Slavery. The Government will be inherited and ruled by Artificial Intelligence. With different Positions of;Law,infrastructure, External Politics, Economy,Ecology. Included normal work. Work will be taken by Machines/Bots. Humanity will became a Money less and Cashless society. Where all Products will be for "Free". Humans will be have more time for there Family,Hobby's. All Economic Problems and Ecology Problems will be gone. This all can be possible with the Artificial Intelligence. Infrastructure of Artificial Intelligence Technocratic Social Democracy (In Progress) In all country's will be a Central Administrative Artificial Intelligence. This Central Administrative A.I will be in Capitals. The Function of the Central Administrative A.I is to look upon the City's; Infrastructure/Health Care/Education/Citizens Work/Jurisdiction/Police, with using Bots/Machines to maintained City's and the Citizen's. Inside and Outside the Capital, in the Villages/Town they will be Moderation A.I how get commands from the Central Administrative A.I . But before they get access to the command. The command goes to a Proxy Server and get proof, if all is alright.The Drone Bots /Machines will do the Command, that comes from the Moderation A.I.The Proxy sever will be connected to a Private Blockchain and can't be hacked without a access from inside. Thanks to a Secret Operating System that can't be hacked (Yes, i have a Idea for such a System). The Blockchain will stay secure. Bot Drone Example: Theoretical Infrastructure: Elections/Voting: Instead of Elections or Voting for Political Members. Ideas will be placed on Decentralized Government Web Platforms. Every Idea will be created by the Normal Citizen and implemented into the System. If they get enough up Voting. After that: It will be send to the Central A.I and becoming part of the System. This voting will be only allowed with a Bio-metric Login: This Voting System will be use to change Law,Personality of A.I,Infrastructure or to build new Houses or Items. Emergency Possibilities: All A.I will be high Secured. If something goes wrong. they are 3 Options to solve it: 1.Inside the Computer will be a EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). That can be Blast if something is wrong. It will be only so strong to destroy the PC. Nothing around of them will be in Danger of the Destruction. 2. The energy flow can be shut down to the A.I 3. Direct Access to the Computer. 4. The Protectors; A Protector is a half human and half cyborg. His task is to control the A.I. Because he is connected to the A.I. The only problem that can be is; he can be corrupted by the A.I. The Evolution after the System: With the increase of Science and Help of Artificial Intelligence. It could be that we evolve to a Metaphysical Species (Homo Superior) that will harvest the Energy from Photons,live on it without the need of Food. Member of this Species are called Magus. We will became Independent form our World, As we gain the ability to use Atoms around of us and shape the atomic structure into our own Imagination,creating what we need/want for our Life. The Species will shape his Body from into any living Animal/Human. It will be possible to change there Gender. (I am thinking of that if it will possible. We will live as an Energetic Ball. That have no real From. Its can be what ever it want to be. But i think that this Part is Impossible to achieve.) The Magus Species can manipulate the frequencies that are in space/place of us and effect it. Causing a effect of your own will. The Metaphysical Species will have not anymore Empathy that let us go to destruction. So Empathy like: Greed, Anger,Hate,Envy. Will be remove for our security. Because this Empathy take us to War,Destruction,Violence,Ecological pollution. The Magus Species have the Ability; If a member want to go against the Instinct. It will have a the free will to do that. It will be no more depended on a Program called instinct. It's still will have the Possibility to choose there Instinctive Option. As the Instinct is a Program written to work for purpose; Creating descendants, choosing decisions, choosing sexual Partner's. The Foundation of this Idea is now lived out by decoding Frequencies, the next step will be Geometria and the Universal Code as also to fully encode our DNA and mark all it functionality. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I hate War. But sometimes there i no other Option. That why i want start a Revolution. But the Revolution lies by You. If you want changes. Then strike against the Government to establish this System. Our Symbolic Flag: ------------------------------------------------------------------ The Difference about Venus Project and Modern Technocratic Social Democracy is: 1. The Venus Project is a Anarchic-Communism Community. Without laws. In my Project they are Laws. 2. They will be no more Private Items. In my Project all will get items and a Apartment. Because all resources will be taken from other planets.Resources will be produced by Machines. With turning Energy into Matter. They will be enough for all. As i think that there will be private property. As long a Citizens lives. After his Dead. Some Property's will be gone to the state and given away to the next citizen. Such thing like Apartment or Cars. But in the Venus Project.A item can be only Rent. Realization Plans of A.I.T.S.D.: Alternative Solution to my System: Technology is not Bad or Good. It's about how you use it. I want use it for Good. But as you know they are a lot of Evil Peoples out there how want use it for Bad Things. The Project is Open to work for everyone. If the Ideas will be good. I will install them into my System or change something in my System. The Whole Technology is based on Photonic Technology. I support: Get the newest News about technology and be on the top of the News: All news about Artificial Intelligence under: Join the GLOBAL NET NEUTRALITY COALITION: Vote against Article 13: Every vote can make Net Neutrality stay in the EU. Stop the Cancer Frequency to coming into the Pubic: Stop Pollution of the Planet: chemtrails-now/ Pesticides kill us all: The Men how has the Balls to show his Face and speak the Truth: I support Freedom and Privacy on the Internet: Einsteinium Coin: Skycoin (Warning can be Scam): Support Bitchute to get Free Speech on the Internet: The Youtube Alternative use link: Alternative Indipendent News Media: Just copy the part of the link behind / and past it in If its not functioning use Be a Part of the Resistance and help build up a Community: After a World Wide Collapse. Peoples need help to reclaim the Landscape and bring Order again. NAM might be the Organization for that. Donations: ERC20: 0x577847A4B002312af97c6f24A2C81F568cf149bB Support me and help me with my Information work & Journalism. Anyone how donate, helps me create more security, with create more anonymity, that protect me from the Elitarian & Governmental Forces . This all can be done with donation. 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