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Biometiric Fingerprint Login

IlluminatingHomoSapiensJun 20, 2018, 7:11:17 PM

The Biometiric Fingerprint Login; such like a Fingerprint. That will allow you to vote with your fingerprint or other Biological possibilities. The Government and Corporations will have no access to your data, do to the Impossibility breaking the Quantum computer Encryption and the Fingerprint login.This will hold your data save. The Data will be stored on Decentralized Blockchain with a Special Operation System that is unhackble (Yet it can't be release because it this Idea could go into the wrong Hands). The Data will be stored in parts and nobody will know where the Data is;  Computer A (The Machine) will search on the Data parts on a internal Network sending request to the Different Computers for the Data. Normally something like that would take some Hours but with Quantum Computers this will take a Minute.

Computer B (The Storegate); if a request is recive for the data and can be found and send. Computer A will be indentified by a code in the Computer A, so it will verify if its not a  Hacker or Scammer, if somehow even comes to this Point that the most Secured Operating System of all times get hacked. Then we will know about it.

If the Government want to access big data. It need a agreement of 50 % of the Population in the Country.

Of course not all data will be stored on Decentralized Blockchain. Cause some data must be on the A.I Government. As it need it to hold us back to do bad stuff and let us hold the Law.

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