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IdakpeNov 15, 2018, 1:34:53 PM


We cannot but appreciate the arrival of BTC since it is through it that other elements of change in the system came about, so its impact and contribution cannot but be cherished and magnified. Nevertheless, more is required from it, it's invention has led to the creation of other elements which are able to solve a problem or the other. However, many entities that seek to have their platforms built upon the structure of BTC were unable to do so due to the fact that it was not created to be flexible enough to permit such engagement, so this deprived these entities from benefitting from its bountiful security features which is so well designed. Now, there is hope for them again with a project named Emercoin, whose standard is comparable to BTC with the ability to permit companies and other private establishment to lay their design upon it such that the same features which were made unavailable to them become available to its subscribers.


This is a unique system that has its ecosystem bolstered with the use of the EMC coin which it has created to be used exceptionally by the users that find the platform appealing. Asides this, it has built up a massive database for the needed space to allow more and more entities have access to storage of vital details. For this reason, its designation is not of a complicated structure that will pose difficulty of usage to the users. For users to be able to hold and transact the right way, they must have a wallet that will be best compactible with the EMC token they will be using mostly in the trading activities and for that, they are presented with options of the most compactible ones via the link in its website, this wallets will be well suitable and will ensure the adequacy in security measures that it would deploy. More so, its distributed advantage will permit it to be able to allow the conduction or P2P type of operation by the users. Emercoin has functional algorithms that ensures the verification of all the transactions that are initiated in the ecosystem and this takes care of all the deals done in it. The network is well modified for the verification process and prevent all forms of manipulations in the system. Considering the fact that there is always a record to be kept by individuals in all the activities they partake in, Emercoin allows them to control them and also make sure the security of is not compromised. The way EMERCOIN is designed is such that any one who intends to cause a damage to it will need to have a larger percentage of the entire EMC supply to be able to initiate such damage which is actually impossible. A single person is not enabled to amass that much of a fraction of the token not in any way and that makes the penetration into the framework difficult to accomplish. To make the security more difficult to break, some tools named PoW and also PoS are installed to reinforce it so well. So it is no longer a matter of doubt that Emercoin will thrive because it is already well structured to perform beyond what is expected of it. Emercoin will serve the individuals that use it with options to make payments or transfer their resource among them selves without any issue or difficulty and that will show that the hold of Emercoin is not in the possession of the CentralizedPlatforms that always seek to create an avenue to have many blockbuster framework under their control and management.


All the industrial entities and individuals will be in a position of advantage due to its distributivity and ability to work beyond the average expectation. Companies that have a main priority of ensuring the protection of their client's documents and other things they own will need Emercoin to do better and also to have an unlimited space to store info and other documents that helps the process. People who constantly do have issues with the ownership of their possessions will be assisted in unholding and sustaining their ownership as they come to Emercoin and are declared. There will therefore be free from the controversies in that aspect and from the other regulatory bodies that is set to work against them. Furthermore, the process can be enhanced with the adoption of EmerDPO which function as the instrumental used for certifying and verifying the real owners of a document or a piece of work. Without dpo the above named instrument of Emercoins will not work as best as it can and so their coexistence in the ecosystem is of utmost importance.

Sending funds among the users of Emercoin is never going to be an issue but the easiest thing to do in the world. Transactions also will be verified as fast as possible even with the protection advantage that the project has in the same trade as that exhibited by the existing BTC and Namecoin of the blockbuster. This will therefore add to its benefits and make the community usable and advantageous to the subscribers.




Emercoin will transcend beyond the other same structures that have being built before it with the higher leverage which it has to make the operations it performs safer and easier while it scale higher than its competitors by dealing with the problems they weren't able to tackle. The issue of theft and wrong usage the crypto coins will be dealt with and that will make them more acceptable to the new users which will find it awesome. Users will be able to exchange their details and other pieces of info that need to be circulated between them and a mutual understanding will be birth amidst them. Resource will be used from the wallets directly and the compactibility of such wallets will confer more virtue of protection to the assets kept or held. All this will go a long way to bring back a high level of confidence to the Crypto space and give a face-lift to the current deplorable security structure.


WEBSITE: https://emercoin.com/en

WHITEPAPER: https://emercoin.com/files/pdf/en/whitepaper.pdf

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/emercoin_official


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