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The purpose for my MINDS public page is to reveal biblical prophecies concerning worldwide end time events which shall come to pass. The Holy Scriptures are filled with prophetic events that still hasn't been fulfilled. The Word of Truth is filled with prophecies indicating we’re getting closer to the end of the age. As believers in the Body of Christ, we are instructed by the Holy Spirit to study the Holy Scriptures. It's necessary as believers in Christ we stay up to date with worldwide current events. Let's not allow ourselves to lack any knowledge of the signs of the end times. Jesus did instruct us to WATCH and PRAY. Therefore, let's be diligent seekers of truth in the Lord. This way we can have an answer to anyone who may not understand biblical prophecy end time events. I pray that we all can grow together through Christ in our understanding of the Signs of the End Times. May the Lord continue to bless us all with His wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and revelation of His will, ways, and thoughts that brings our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ glory alone. Amen. Servant of God, Elder Daniel Suarez Love Never Fails

I draw and do voice overs and I pet my cat and read the bible sometimes. Yeah I don't really do much moo

While I live and witness for Jesus. I don't follow or do things the way most do today. I look at what Jesus did while he was here. He didn't go to the 'churches' of that time and I believe it would be the same for today. Many 'congregations' of today are following traditions of men. They are comfortable with these traditions and they will and do reject the truth. They have become comfortable with watered down, money making, entertaining sermons. This didn't work for me. The world is filled with so many lies, truth is becoming harder and harder to find. This is what inspired me to share and learn as much as I can. Where two or more are gathered together in his name. He is in the midst of them. I know this to be true and have experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit when sharing with other people. It doesn't take gathering on Sunday, or in a 'special building' to experience this. One particular experience was when I approached a man in a wheel chair holding a sign. The Holy Spirit moved me to approach this man and ask him to pray for me, so I did. Words can't describe what came over me and the man in the wheel chair. When I say Jesus is real. He is as real as we want him to be. This is what I love to do. Share and talk with others and our experiences with Christ. So, please reach out and share the love that Christ has for all. Peace and blessings be with you all. Jesus to all. A special thank you and I recommend subscribing to: https://www.minds.com/Kbug68 https://www.minds.com/EPHESIANS612 https://www.minds.com/RomyFrench https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/928017083061755904 https://www.minds.com/John404 https://www.minds.com/Quangnguyen2707 https://www.minds.com/Truth101 https://www.minds.com/truthreigns https://www.minds.com/ChrisWuebbolt https://www.minds.com/Tjupuru https://www.minds.com/WVSam https://www.minds.com/Davidshem https://www.minds.com/3DAngelique https://www.minds.com/jcinchrist https://www.minds.com/FascinatingVision https://www.minds.com/PastorJuan https://www.minds.com/AWEFD https://www.minds.com/Justme7777 https://www.minds.com/CanadianPastor https://www.minds.com/Esprit1st https://www.minds.com/TechnoMageB5 https://www.minds.com/tomtomandt https://www.minds.com/ChristianConversationChannel

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at 8, joined the Navy at 16 stayed 20+ years. Now I am a Disabled Vet I work full time in the Christian Ministry. My goal is to Serve Jesus to spread the Gospel and set the record straight on Fake News Stories. MAGA, America 1st

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