Continuously and Conscientiously engaged in the Great Work. Intent hunter, Self-Stalker. Pattern Recognizer. Perception Analyst, Awareness Professional. Writer and Philosopher. Gnostic-Stoic, Taoist, Alchemist - practicing HermeticZen. Love is the Law, Love under Will. As above, so below.

I am forever a student of the mysteries of our existence with my own insights that I have developed from the daily application of my fraturnal and spiritual practices and a life dedicated towards the inward quest and traveling the seven direction walk. I believe that every human has an ultimate purpose a True Will or higher calling that is to be discovered and nurtured via ones own personal life experience. I'm an initiated member of several esoteric and occult fraturnal orders and afro Caribbean family spiritual lineages that has given me my own particular unique insights into our world, this existence and the universal undercurrent that is the thread that ties us all together regaurdless of personal differences,culture,race,religion,philosophy,politics,socioeconomic standing,sexual identity or the limitations of the language or other factors that we may use to express our own personal identities etc. I'm not here to be a world teacher or represent myself as anything other then what I truly am because I'm just one traveler with some personal life experience that I would like to share in the hope that my own path through this life may serve to be a beacon of light that helps other's that feel a calling of return to their own highest nature who feel that there is more to life then mundane herd existence and seek light in the darkness. Faith,Hope & Charity Light, Life, Love, and Liberty Nsambi Lo Kutare /G\

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Apr 2018
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