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Just a guy in Illinois. #WakingTheGiant #Viking #BearNation #Oathkeepers. Nazi crap will be blocked. ANTIFA crap will be blocked unless its some antifa member getting their ass whooped. #MAGA, #2A, #STL Apparently I also have to add that I will block any account advertising sexual services from following. So please don't waste our time. (((Biden Cheated, Democrats are either in denial or corrupt, and this is not the America I grew up in or was taught about)))

Warren O. K5WEO WRJZ673
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Oklahoman, Proud American, Father, Veteran, Amateur Radio Operator, Former Felon. I post goofy memes I make. I repost stuff I like. I subscribe to most of those who subscribe to me. And I sometimes misspell stuff so if any of that bothers you I guess we can't be friends. Ill try not to loose to much sleep over it. ha-ha. If your on radio in OKC hit me up and let me know what frequency your on so we can say hello. I'm on 2 meter mostly FM until I get a 6m and 10m antenna.

Straight Shooter who hates this Libtard evil corrupt agenda thats overtaking our great country... I HATE SHITBOOK & TITTER and hope they keep losing billions and go down HARD...

From Oklahoma City, ham radio enthusiasts as well as a storm enthusiast.

Dear me! I will make you proud one day 😊💪❤️

Objectivist, kettlbeller, programmer, Ham

Nov 2018
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