I am a staunch advocate for Free and Open Source (FOSS) software and media. I am an avid user of the Gentoo operating system. I make videos on YouTube, mostly covering Gentoo-related topics. Check them out here:

I like to speak my mind, always staying skeptic on everything. Im from the youtubes what's dis

The Artifice Precept is a cross-state progressive metal outfit consisting of Thomas Spaulding (guitar) in California and Jack DeMaio (guitar, production) in Pennsylvania. We produce heavily orchestrated Deathmetal.

Practice Make Perfect, Try Everyday, One day will be gainer

If you're good at something then never do it free.

AJ Shepherd
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Releasing Music through the PLUTONEON Record Label - Artist sites :

Game play broadcasts. Timelapse videos. Maybe some other things. Streaming most weekdays by 9pm MST. Times are more random on weekends. For schedule updates see my Discord server (link below). I mainly enjoy RPG and Exploration games. You won't see a lot of First-person shooters on my channel. I'm always open to game recommendations for things you'd like to see on the channel. Your support (Likes, Subscribes, Tips and Sponsorships) will help me get more games sooner. 🔆 Your support is always appreciated but never required and goes toward improving future streams with better/more games and equipment. ➾ Donations/sponsorships are displayed on screen during live streams and help defeat the STREAM BOSS. Knock out the stream boss to take the title: ➾ Cryptocurrency Donations here: ‼️ Subscribe here: ❗️Subscribe on YouTube Gaming too! ✅ Gaming Mike's Discord server:

Mother, Author, Permaculture practitioner and Dancer, I follow anything that calls to my soul and meanwhile I write, write, write ♥ For more posts by me, check out my website,

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A channel dedicated to the beautiful minds that love science! Be Kind, Subscribe and Remind!!! Science Group Page! List of hashtags #science #biology #chemistry #physics #math #astronomy #nature #environment #technology #engineering #medicine #space

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