I am a staunch advocate for Free and Open Source (FOSS) software and media. I am an avid user of the Gentoo operating system. I make videos on YouTube, mostly covering Gentoo-related topics. Check them out here:

I am a content creator. I play games for fun. I'm just here to have a good time. I make videos here.

Watch as I try to not completely trip over my own feet in whatever game I'm currently playing. If you do see me in a game, hope you're on the other team (you're likely safer).

singer songwriter rancher truck driver peace lovin gun totin hippie redneck guitar pickin son of a gun from texas

Salut! My name is Martin. I love to go to auditions and get parts. Acting is my day job. Metaphysical Engineering is another passion. I love to entangle my dreams into reality.

SWF files in mass and daily updates. Who could ask for more? I update the website daily with new funny SWF videos.

Aly ❤ 19 ❤ Anonymiss ❤ Free mind ❤ Taken ❤ Glover ❤ Hooper ❤ Flowartist ❤ Author ❤ Editer ❤

Politically Alternative Media is your number one source in the alternative media realm.

Painter, Mythology Enthusiast, General Nerd, and Wrongthinker

If you're good at something then never do it free.

Apr 2017
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