I am a sickly creature hiding under a massive pile of blankets while being a giant yuri fangirl. I shit post on minds. I stream on twitch: I mod stellaris: I made a board game:

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Amateur provider of word-stuff. Blogger and ACTION A GOGO contributor. May ruin movies and childhoods.

Co-Host on Graded Point Five, Lore Master of the Reconstruction Universe, Co-Creator of Peregrine, Game Collector, Game Dev, Novelist, Comic Writer, "The World Forge". Independence for the Spacenoids!

Yeah we will see if I will actually use this. here just in case. I make games or try to when I'm not busy at work

Former Reporting Manager for Operation Rainfall. Japanese game broadcaster on Twitch for almost 5 years. Girl Fetishist.

| The mad ravings of a disgruntled mouse. | Shitposter & Cynic

Gamer. Weeb. Comics Fan. Lead Writer for and Co-Host of the Operation: Retcon Podcast

Feb 2017
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