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GoodnuelMar 23, 2019, 6:52:44 PM

Just last night, I missed a few of the ongoing international games, so i had to go get some updates about the outcomes. One of the fastest and most reliable ways of getting information in our today world is through the Internet. So, i went to my smartphone and scrolled through various websites. This is usually the case with a lot of persons in the world today. For every information we need, we go to the Web. This is why the Web usage continues to grow everyday.

While, this is a very good thing, there's a problem. One of the major problems was that as I scrolled through websites, I had so many unpleasant experiences. The issues of unwanted spams, ads, surveys, information theft, insecurities, phishing, etc. This has rapidly become a norm. One of the websites I visited displayed as many as 4 ads in less than 10 minutes. Big disruptive ads. Also, the rate of identity theft on the Internet keeps growing, this is very annoying and has to stop.

Since the year 2008 when the blockchain made a grand entrance to the world stage, introducing a seamless way to create programs that are decentralized and encrypted, many organisations, firms, governments and masses has embraced this technology. Using it to improve the way in which their transactions are been made.

I bring you the Honeypod project.

The Honeypod aims to bring blockchain to the wide world Web industry. This is a project that aims to bring a solution to the numerous disruptions, insecurities encountered as we surf the Web.

The honeypod operates a small sized device that can be connected directly to an Internet router to secure, intercept and/or block the in-flow of unwanted data, spam, surveys, virus, scripts, etc. This will in turn increase the speed and loading rate of websites.

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Features of the Honeypod.

With the Honeypod, whenever you use the Internet, you have security. The device provides for a full online safety that can't be skipped, paused or blocked. Users are private and have no fears of hacks or data loss.

Also, the honeypod is very easy to use, as it requires no downloads, applications or installations and can be used over a lot of devices like laptops, smart tvs, mobile phones, etc. This way, you have a full control of all your activities on the Internet.

Honeypod gives a reward for users of this device as they surf the Internet with the device. Users will get a token based on their usage. Also, if through subsequent use, a user refers another user to the honeypod device, they will be rewarded with tokens.

If you are regular user of online marketing places, you can also use the honeypod token for transactions seamlessly.

The honeypod does come with an integrated VPN system that can enable user to further hide their identity and location, also bypassing blocked websites.

With its ad-hoc feature, it means that the Honeypod will also provide for a permanent blocking system for unsolicited ads and spams.

Reasons to use Honeypod.

It is use to use the Honeypod. There's no need for the technical skill of downloading and installing softwares. The device is designed to fit into any device as a plug-and-play.

Users are in control of what they want. With the options of blacklisting websites, filtering websites, especially where there are children. This feature is watertight.

As a blockchain technology, the honeypod comes with a private mining system that will reward its users for viewing ads from the project. This is completely optional.

With the Honeypod, the issues of cookies collected by various websites will be long gone. No more selling of your data by companies. You can freely surf the Web to your taste.

The Honeypod helps to secure credit card information for user who like to buy online. This way, third party applications cannot get an access.

You will a notification and see parties who are aiming to access your information. This is made possible through the instant tracking feature.

Honeypod token

The entire operation of the honeypod is built on the blockchain. As a result, the platform has its own means of payment that acts as the indigenous current of the platform.

The tokens will be used to make purchase of the honeypod services. The token will also be received as reward for users.


Total supply: 1 billion Hny

Price: $0.05

Hardcap: $10m

More information about this project is available through the following links.

Project Website: http://honeypod.org

Telegram: https://t.me/honeypod

Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gethoneypod

Written by Goodnuel

Bitcointalk username: Goodnuel

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