Mike Glendinning

I’m the founder of Zoester Records. I have some killer artists who put out some amazing work. You can see my little San Francisco Bay Area liable at www.zoesterrecords.com Please purport this page by dropping off a few coins. I’ll use them to promote some the the Bay Areas best kept secrets.

I can be cruel, if you make me. I like to speak my mind and don't care if it offends you or anyone else. If you spread lies about me, I will tell people the truth about you :) Takes no bull off of people. Block me and I block you back. Likes drinking beer. My favorite beer is Heineken. Christiananity, Islam, and Judaism are a cancer to this world.

minimalistic style of travel focusing on places, food, culture, language, photography, music, people, politics, and in the process...life

Neither libtard, nor conservatard, thank you very much 我在學習中文

Hi everybody I am Kelly Mans and I am from the Netherlands and I love TV Shows/Photography/Music etc I'd like you to be my friend and get to know you thanks 🙂

I am here to illuminate energy healing and also, false light. I am one with the elements. I walk with the ancestors. I believe in radical Selflove and I fell out of the matrix years ago. Hi my name is Opal. Check out @ActivateYourEnergy #DNAactivation #energyhealing #ascension #mechanics #chakras #electricity #physics #science #evolution #energy #economics #marketing #gogreen #gaia #heartcentered #business #ispeakforthetrees #psychic #life

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