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I’m the founder of Zoester Records. I have some killer artists who put out some amazing work. You can see my little San Francisco Bay Area liable at www.zoesterrecords.com Please purport this page by dropping off a few coins. I’ll use them to promote some the the Bay Areas best kept secrets.

Managing Director of a video game studio, entrepreneur, writer, father and music fan.


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The 𝗔𝗿𝘁 of Sabina Nore Artist website: https://www.sabinanore.com/ 💌 Sign up for Sabina's newsletter: https://www.sabinanore.com/newsletter.php

Undocumented Kekistani currently hiding in Canuckistan. Many thanks to the following supporters! 50+ Tokens @crackingtrack43 10+ Tokens: @Kitch23 @Marketoff @BluePaw 5+ Tokens: @GGeronimo @BluePaw 1+ Tokens: @TheStrike @KEK_Freedom @Phynster @TheStrike @deadmoroz @Sonic132 @Jim270 @breadmoth @YoSniper @breadmoth @KEK_Freedom @Classic_Realism @SeanL3prechaun @NoahNicholson @AllOfMyLifebwtime @WesternSpirit @IndianaJames Part of a Token: @Uncensored007 And most of all, thanks to ALL of you for the comments, likes and reminds!

I am a Paranormal Investigator, I have been within the Paranormal since being bred, I have been Investigating with ITC equipment for 4 years, I get really good evidence, Hear the dead speak, see shadow figures & Orbs, great screenshots from @FreeMusicJukebox. I also try new ways to get evidence of the paranormal, It is very interesting, I am going to try & help get information from spirit's to solve local cases that have been classed as cold cases, I cross spirit's to my Guides to help the spirit's move to their next realm wherever that may be, I try hard to help lost spirit's get their voices heard & pass messages to loved ones, Much Love all, Blessed Be Xx Xx

Nov 2018
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